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    1. ZeroEdge
      You're staying in TO For a month? You going to FanExpo?
    2. Ace Convoy
    3. Dremare
      Well, I'm sure that if you did have the budget to make one, it'd be awesome. : D
    4. Dremare
      I was wondering, what character would you have cosplayed if you were in the 3rd anniversary movie on
    5. Gojira Prime
      Gojira Prime
      Mr. Vangelus, I have come here to inform you of an interesting matter. I was recently at G-Fest, Chicago's annual Kaiju convention, where I met Shinji Higuchi, director of special effects on the Heisei Gamera trilogy, and was struck by his visual similarity to you. What says you on this matter?
    6. Sideways77
      I'd just like to say I enjoyed the DoTM podcast. But you guys didn't mention the Dreads, though.
    7. Fairlady_Z
      So are you ready for us Fembots! to take on Faction Feud again this year at TFCon? Also I think its time for a VO contest rematch. I'm gearing up by rewatching the old TFCon videos and listening to podcasts I'm months behind on. Enjoyed the Dark of the Moon review one which sums up about 90% of my feelings about the movie. Really enjoying Prime Time and loving TF: Prime. We can also gush in our mutual admiration society of Jeffery Combs at TFCon as well. Looking forward to seeing you there!
    8. StInG286
      Friend request accepted....thanks for that
    9. Superquad7
      You are needed, good sir!
    10. 77camaro
      I was wondering what you guys were doing for the TFcon podcast sessions.

      Thanks, Travis
    11. Transfan2
      Hey Vangelus,
      It was cool seeing you at the convention, you were nice, and thanks for letting me take your pic(ture).

    12. KnightHawkke
      got a Jeffery Combs sighting, in the masters of horror episode, Black Cat.
    13. Sideways77
      Hey, Vangelus, I justed wanted to thank you for bringing up the 'Arcee is stoned' dissuccion in the latest primeTime. (I just got around to watch it.)

      I mentioned bringing it up.
    14. TedimusPrime
      Listened to your supplemental for Botcon. Are you thinking of making one for TFcon?
    15. seaspray10
      My attempt at a funny
      Check it out it shows your fave DOTM deluxe and his hands fully intact
    16. guard convoy
      guard convoy
      hey animated omega spreem was shown in the most recent generations magazine in japan

      Better Generations 2011 Volume 1 Scans - The Allspark Forums

      just wanted to share if you didn't already know
    17. tfprime32
      HEY VANGELUS, YOU VIDEOS ROCK!!and i have a question will they ever make a reisue power master optimus prime and do you think that 3rd paty toys make it to retail/ combine with hasbro? and lastly who will you want to see in the movie line that isnt already?
    18. blackout501st
      hey vangelus, i just wanted to say that your tip about using paper towels to fix loose ball joints REALLY helped! my fansproject explorer had very loose ball joints in his hips, but now there superb! thanks a ton!
    19. STRAKER454
      Really dig the stuff you're doing on TGWTG man! ^_^
    20. Minnemagnus
      I bought a Takara Tomy animated Shockwave instead of an animated Blackout because of you!
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