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Apr 22, 2024 at 4:25 AM
    1. stuckinG1
      How do I ask the WTF@TFW podcast a question?
    2. ProfessionalIcee
      Thanks for convincing me to buy a really bad toy.
    3. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      Sorry for not listening to the podcast for months.
      1. Vangelus
        it's okay!
        Dec 20, 2019
    4. Mega Prowl
      Mega Prowl
      Hey there Vangelus, been a fan of yours for quite a while, You're funny and awesome, and I like what you do.
    5. Soundwavelover2004
      Hi love your vids
    6. ShadowconLM14
      Hi, Vangelus and crew. Question: With over thirty years of fiction behind it the Transformers' home planet still feels historically and culturally barren. Even War for Cybertron and IDW never treated Cybertron as politically multi-faceted. Have any of you felt similarly? What would a Cybertron with multiple governments look like? Do you think past continuities have done this justice already? Thanks for answering!
    7. optimusprimeroc
      we need to get u reviewing transformers again
    8. primestudio
      Dear Podmasters, My love of the G1 art work and the unsung artists who, for me breathed life into these plastic bricks, knows no bounds. With the embarrassment of riches that is modern TF art (Marcelo, Guido, Milne, Griffith, many more) we are living in a renaissance. My question is to each of you who is you favorite artists and their impact on your enjoyment of the franchise.
      My CLICK is a killing word.
    9. Murderkat
      Hello podcasteteers! I have a question to ask you. What are your thoughts about the knights of iacon and your suggestions or ideas about what you think they shouldve been in the movie? Personally I wanted them to have deeper voices as opposed to the rather movie soundwave-ish voice and individual modes rather than combining into shards of metal that ressembles a three headed dragon. Thanks and more power to you!
    10. Requiem Prime
      Requiem Prime
      How are people sending you longer questions? This has a strict character limit
      1. Vangelus
        The primary way I receive listener questions is via private message, not profile posts. :D I prefer private messages because I can lose track of other channels more easily.
        Aug 28, 2017
    11. vorox4251
      To whomever cares to answer on the podcast.
      Listening to you talk on 471 about writers for the films, would it potentially be better to have someone like Simon Furman or another credited and knowledgable transformers writer be involved in the writing process.

      Thanks for answering
    12. maharg83
      Greetings podcastials of Wtf@TFW!

      Maharg83 here with a fairly short question. We all know the original gee one toyline was an amalgamation of diaclone and microman toys, but my question to you is with your knowledge of transforming toys outwith transformers would you use of your were to create The Transformers as a new toy line today.

      Thanks and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject.
    13. epsilon8
      podcast question
      with the hypothetical next season of Hasbro toys where the leader class toys will upgrade themselves is fun to hypothesize. This is not a question just want to put this visual image in vangelus head what if optimus primal is carring around a giant banana that open itself and he can wears as a optimal optimus armor or gorilla optimus riding in a tiny tank that transform into armor
    14. ShadowconLM14
      Hi, podcast crew!
      I've been out of the collecting scene for about three years due to money problems, but I've still kept an eye on what's going on with the toylines and the fan communities, which I still find satisfying enough. Has this happened to you? Was there ever a time when you fell out of collecting something but kept up with the fandom? Is it at all satisfying for you?
      Keep up the awesome work on the podcast!
    15. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      Oh Vangelus, how you got so many powers of ninjaness?
    16. Enigma2K2
      Did they do away with PMs? How do I submit a listener question through PMs now?
      1. Vangelus
        They're still here as the conversations system, you can send em from your Inbox
        Jul 23, 2017
      2. Enigma2K2
        Jul 23, 2017
    17. superdaddyco
      Hello all. I have a question that can be addressed by either team. With multiple reports of Trypticon hip ratchet just breaking almost out of the box, do you think there is a situation where Hasbro would ever decide to do a recall? I know we sometimes will try to fix certain things ourselves, but this seems to be something that should have been quality tested before the products was released for mass retail sale.
    18. Omnondippy
      cheers, i also love ur podcasts
    19. Omnondippy
      what flight stands do you use in your AMAZING videos. i really mean it u r probes my favourite youtube. keep up the good work chris.
      1. Vangelus
        thanks! it's just an old beat-up Tamashii Stage. the peg size is the same as the MP Tracks one that several figures have a hole for. Otherwise I just carefully balance stuff on it that usually falls off after the shot, haha
        Jul 4, 2017
    20. superdaddyco
      Question for either team. If one of the factors with the higher cost of new Masterpiece figures is the official car licensing, then why would they not concentrate on figures that do not need any licensing permission?
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