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    1. Soundwaver
      Also about the whole creator of TFA destroying the idea of a child transformers is wrong ( refering to a thread called Life on Cybertron). Wheelie is a kid in TFA. Look it up.
    2. Soundwaver
      They do have an actual gender. They have romance. Romance is only seen in gender beings and they had them before the organics.
    3. Soundwaver
    4. Soundwaver
      Them laying eggs or giving birth isn't stupid either. Okay it is stupid, but only if they're robots with emotions and not metallic organism. The samething goes for mating.
    5. Soundwaver
      Them mating is not stupid. Only if they do it the same way organics do it is. It makes sense. The sources that they use can get destroyed and they're too complex for budding. Not in all continuties they're immortal.
    6. Soundwaver
      They can have figurative parents and granparents too, as well figurative other family members.
      Ps. There's nothing wrong with them having a literal childhood or literal family members (including parents).
    7. Soundwaver
      Don't let those fan terms like sparklings and interfacing ruined it for you. In some TFSU they're biomechanical beings. Now biological is not the same as being organic.
    8. Soundwaver
      Actually it doesn't make them human or alien. Who said that only organics can be made out of cells or have genes? No one. There's no universal law against that. It being seen in organics means nothing. Other type of life forms may or may not have these things.
    9. Soundwaver
      Stop comparing them to our robots. People not only should stop comparing them to organics, but to our machines. They're not robots in that type of sense. They have genes and are made up of metallic cells. This makes them biological machines. Humans are also one, but are carbon base machines instead. Yes it makes them human, but compare to earth bots it makes them alien.
    10. Soundwaver
      They probably don't go through puberty and/or need go school. They probably don't need to. Them working doesn't mean no playtime. They probably get plently of that and I mean plently. They learn and need to be taught somethings, but maybe they don't to learn the subjects we learned in school.
    11. Soundwaver
      The ones who do have an childhood. Let's not assume it's the same as ours. Not every human has the same childhood, alien robotic beings will be different from ours. They may expect to work and pay taxes even at very very very young age. Probably from the moment they're born. They're maybe born a little or fully independent moments after birth.
    12. Soundwaver
      You can still find them having a physical childhood silly, but them having one a mental/social/emotional/cultural sense isn't too bad. A figurative is good and close enough.
    13. Soundwaver
      To make it even more alien, not all the Cybertronians have a childhood or literal parents, only some do, but most don't. These would be seen as a rarity on Cybertron.
    14. Soundwaver
    15. Soundwaver
      Who are you ( some others) to say that only organics or Earthlings can have kids? Transformers as I mention below are not just AI, but living organism and have the things to make kids. So what no reproductive organs. They can use genetic engineering. Stop trying to make them like our robots ( makes no different from Tramp, see above).
    16. Soundwaver
      Transformers are machines, but they have genes and metallic cells, so that makes them biomechanical ones. They have sexes too. Sure the females are outnumber, but don't need sexes to reproduce. Plus they maybe can get ( how it's done) fertilize by many mechs.
    17. Soundwaver
      On thread called Life On Cybertron you said that they shouldn't have kids or a literal childhood? Why not? It doesn't make them less alien. Only if they have a child the way organics do and their childhood ( not excluding play n learning) the same as ours.
    18. Soundwaver
      If the Lithonians can have kids, so can the Cybertronians. Any excuses you come up with will not be accept.
    19. Mospeada
      [IMG] All right, it's ENERGON Powerlinx, but I've had it for ten years.
    20. MisterFanwank
      Cool. I recently rewatched the Wings of Ultimate Darkness OVA, and I knew I recognized the name, "Valkysas", from somewhere.
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