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    1. Superquad7
      You could always buy a set and sell off the members you don't need. Other than that and what I've suggested, I don't know what else to tell ya :(
    2. Superquad7
      Yeah, I've no idea. Try Junkion Exchange perhaps? eBay would probably be through the nose but worth a look, too, I suppose.
    3. Superquad7
      Hey I shipped Screamer to you yesterday! I forgot the tracking number at home, but I'll get that to you shortly :)
    4. Superquad7
      Got your pm and I'll have Screamer out to you shortly!
    5. Superquad7
      Hey yo! I'm not on a whole lot on weekends and didn't have internet Friday due to a flood. We'll get Screamer to ya :wink:
    6. Superquad7
      How long do you think it's going to be before you end up where you're moving to?
    7. Winter Road
    8. Winter Road
      Winter Road
      How goes it man~
    9. Winter Road
      Winter Road
      Friend me or I'll push you down some stairs!
    10. HereticalHeresy
      Alright! I'm typing out my story summary now, too. At least, the first major "Chapter".
    11. HereticalHeresy
      That's a very interesting take on an adaption of Blitzwing, making him into a group. I like it.

      And I understand! And then if you wouldn't mind, I'd just prefer PMs for tell you.
    12. HereticalHeresy
      BlitzwingS? Oh boy, one is enough to handle.

      I haven't actually written anything yet. What I wanted to do was plan out the entire storyline, start to finish, and then once everything is planned out, then write. You know, don't want to do what they're doing in the movies, with all these clashing themes.

      What I can do, if you'd like, is tell you what I have over a private message. (Just so I'm not cluttering your visitor messages here.) And you could do the same, if you'd like.
    13. HereticalHeresy
      Yeah, what I intended to do was figure out how the bots and cons would react to try to "lead" on their own. For example, I'd imagine the Autobots would have trouble trying to lead at Prime's standards, considering him to be far better at leading than any of them. The Decepticons, on the other hand, I imagined would splinter into those supporting Starscream and those wishing to discover the truth of what happened to Megatron.

      And crazy stuff is the best stuff! I like the idea about Megatron originally having good intentions, but then being manipulated. I can imagine though that after Megatron becomes, well, Megatron, things won't turn out well for Straxus and Megatronus...
    14. HereticalHeresy
      I like it! I'd enjoy hearing more if you get the chance.

      Mine revolves around a Decepticon controlled Cybertron, with the Autobots living as fugitives, and they escape. Of course the Decepticons follow them, but aboard their ship, Starscream (with help) kills both Optimus and Megatron. They crash on Earth, and the first act deals with the Autobots trying to find a way to return Optimus, Starscream's Decepticons, and a splinter faction of the Decepticons loyal to Megatron, trying to secretly bring him back.
    15. HereticalHeresy
      Nah, it's fine. I have a bit of a whole continuity planned out in my head, but I've never gotten the chance to write them down so far. It does that same thing involving "Notable" characters, and then lesser known ones.

      But what about yours, what's that about?
    16. HereticalHeresy
      Yeah, I wish they would do something involving lesser-known characters like him in other fiction. Or at least use the name in another show. Sure, you got to keep the big guys around, but I think a few things focusing on "background guys" wouldn't hurt at all.

      IDW should have it's own series just using lesser known characters. That'd be something, lol.
    17. HereticalHeresy
      You should know, you aren't alone. Needlenose is actually one of my favorite "background" Transformers.
    18. King Kaiser
      King Kaiser
      I just posted #1 a few minutes ago
    19. King Kaiser
      King Kaiser
      I just started on it Transformers:Kaiser I haven't posted #1 yet though I will do it in a few! :)
    20. King Kaiser
      King Kaiser
      Do you have any tips though? Also would you like to see a Maximal Air commander named Airblade who is Air razors older brother?
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