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Jul 17, 2015
    1. cowclone
      I have a riddle try it goes :
      I have no hinge no lock
      you can not twist me open
      once opened I can't be closed
      I have a very valuable gift inside
      I am not man made
      what am I?
    2. dremel
      hey uuser big fan of your work. i tried to pm you about your ultra magnus but your inbox is full.
    3. uuser
      To deaculpa
      It was also a hard time for me to find the to-scale mixer truck. I finally got it from rite-aid, I forget the name of the toy. It is red color, with some metal parts and the price is 6.99. The truck's head could not be used since it is to small, so I made the head from some part from unicron.
      Hope this will help.
    4. uuser
      To cowclone,

      hi :-)
    5. uuser
      To Superquad7
      Thanks for your patient :)
    6. cowclone
    7. deaculpa
      sup bro? whats your next project? your dev looks ill, i havent had a camera to update mine yet, but i just got energon barricade, which is the last thing i need to work on, aside from paint.
      ive been having trouble finding a to-scale cement mixer, any tips on what you used or another transformer with a to-scale mixer for barricade?
      holla, thanks!
    8. cowclone
      sorry forgot I left you a message. :)
    9. Superquad7
      Hey buddy, I just wanted to tell you again that I'm glad you're sharing your work with us in Radicons! I hope we see more from you soon! :thumb
    10. uuser
      To Sunok,
      Hi, I am not smog, but I also made a devastator for myself. The joint I used are Lego bionicle joints and some small ball joint I bought from HK. I heard someone else used TF energon joints. Basically, you can use any joints whose size fit the space.
      I have gave a tutorial here
      uuserµÄ´óÁ¦Éñv2Ö®Èý------Íڵػ¢¹¤³ÌС¶Ó£¬×éºÏ£¡£¡£¡´óÁ¦Éñ£¡£¡£¡£Û¸½DIYÐĵÃÖ®½á¹¹Æª£Ý| Ô*´´DIYÇø - ACTOYSÄ£ÍæÍø - ÖÐÎÄÊÀ½ç×î´óµÄ±äÐνð¸ÕÍøÂçÉçÇø »ã¾Û±äÐνð¸ÕÍæ¾ß,ÆäËûÖ÷Á÷Ä£ÐÍ,¶¯ÂþÍæ¾ß - powered by phpwind.net
      it is in Chinese, but the pictures tell the story by themselves. the tutorial is in the first reply, and you may need to reply to see it.
      Hope this will help.
    11. uuser
      To cowclone,

    12. Sunok
      Hey smog,

      I am new to this forum. I was wondering if you can tell me what joints you used or better yet send me pictures as to how all of the cars combine. I have been asking around and no one seens to be able to help me? I would like to build my own stunticon and or menosor combiners but I an having a problem with the joints and what ppl are using, let alone know what they look like. I have painted toys for a company for 10 years now and think I would do a great job. If you could help in anyway that would be great.

      Thank you

    13. cowclone
    14. uuser
      Thanks, man
      I am working with a new one which is more difficult than I expected, so maybe I need another week before I could post it.
    15. PyroniusRex
      Wow dude I love your custom figure work, I can't wait for more hopefully.
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