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Feb 18, 2019
Jun 30, 2006
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unicron's blues

I need to get rich!, 44

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Feb 18, 2019
    1. nobleboivin
    2. Rattrap1997
      Hey man, I'm back in action!!
    3. Mr. Ginrai
      Mr. Ginrai
      Cullen, please let us know if you are alright...
    4. netkid
      Wondering if you okay, the news is just reporting that Joplin got hit by a massive tornado. You and yours are in my prayers.
    5. netkid
      Goin' to BotCon?

      I don't know if we're going yet. I graduate College in May, and Joecon 2010 is in Providence this year, but that will be done before I graduate. Might stop there a pick up a couple Joes I want IF they're reasonably priced.

      Mike is very happy with what's been shown so far for the Botcon set.
      Me on the other hand, could care less. I'll only bite if it means a Gen.2 blue Grimlock toy. I never found him back during Gen.2 days, unfortunately.:/
    6. swampert123
      well he is yours so you can do it however you like
    7. swampert123
      his shoulders should be more up.and his neck is soppost to be streched out.it does not say in the instroctions about the neck but its sopposed to be streched
    8. swampert123
      by seeing your avatar your Shockwave is transformed wrong.
    9. swampert123
      my avatar is Animated Shockwave!
    10. swampert123
      good idea!but I have to find another one
    11. swampert123
      he is cooooooooooooool!!!!!!!
    12. swampert123
      I just got Animated Shockwave!
    13. swampert123
      you can make Shockwave an Autobot by switching the sighn around right
    14. swampert123
      is Shockwaves Longarm mode cool
    15. swampert123
    16. swampert123
    17. swampert123
      want to be friends?
    18. swampert123
      I have been looking for Animated Shockwave for monthes.I have never seen it in stores.I hav not even seen it the purple version.
    19. swampert123
      you have animated shockwave right
    20. netkid
      Not surprised about the overpricing, especially with the movie and all. My goal in 2007 was to get everything MISB at or below what it was originally at retail. I met my goal, but did not get everything on my want list (though I did clear off a damn good number of wanted things).

      Not surprised about the Legends. Hopefully I find them. It sucks that of all the Universe guys, ALL the mini-bots are incredibly scarce and highly desired. Hasbro should have foreseen this. I hope they do something.

      Again, I wish I could be there, but I got a summer math course for college, and mike has an important exam Monday night.

      I looked at all the news updates and galleries for Botcon, and while it may have seemed fun with all the guests, the cars, the toys, the games, the displays, the toys and Activision games out to try, the prizes to be won, the panels and the parties...

      it did not have the awesome movie premier of 2007 nor did it have (though I doubt any future ones will) the awesome once in a lifetime totally unscripted, totally off-the-record Peter Cullen meet/interview outside the hotel that night back in 2007. I mean, the things he told us that night we have to take to our grave or else. We keep our mouths shut out of respect for everyone, especially Pete. Heck, even some other people I know who went to local bars with him keep their stories to a bare minimum out of respect for the man.

      As for the displays, panel information, toys, and toys and games to try out, I can still experience it. The displays I can see from here, the panels I can read about, the toys I can eventually buy and play with, and the games I can eventually play. I've met most of the guests there like Cullen Stan Bush and Kaye(save for Weird Al and the movie stars). I already saw the Prime truck up close and personal.That thing is a beast. I could care less about Ratchet and Ironhide. I'd honestly rather see Sideswipe's car or BumbleBee's. Tyreese came into the theater back in 2007 to tell us to enjoy the film and yelled "BRING THE RAIN!" The panels will probably either end up on Youtube or on the ROTF DVD as an extra.

      Honestly, the only thing I could miss would be the toys (with I didn't like at all, save for Banzaitron and Razorclaw. Elita-1 and Skyquake are only bonuses to me), and the only other thing I would miss and go crazy over is all the great pictures from the Hasbro panels of upcoming toys that weren't on display. But even with that, the pictures will eventually show up online and their accompanying toy prototypes as well. Seeing the pics only makes it less of a mystery than just reading about what was revealed, and it only makes the wait worse. I remember when Classics 1.0 was revealed, I practically waited anxiously and impatiently for them to finally hit stores. And boy does it make the waiting part SUCK.

      So all in all, the things from Botcon 2009 will eventually be available for everyone to see, try, experience, or buy, it is just time of getting these things that separates those who go to the con and those who do not.

      But even still, I wish I could have gone. Maybe 2010 with Universe being revived again ( G1 goodness all the way!). I'd love to be there in 2010, especially with good friends like you & yours. Hope you have a safe trip back to "misery!":lolol

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