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Aug 19, 2006
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Fan and customizer of the TAWYS, Male

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Viewing forum Radicons Customs, Jan 29, 2022 at 2:55 AM
    1. marvel b
      marvel b
      Hello! First off, I just want to say your customs are friggin awesome! So I was just wondering if I could ask for some tips on sculpting stuff. I'd like to give it a try soon and you're one of the best out there imo. Take care!
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      2. marvel b
        marvel b
        Awesome! I guess the simplest questions first. what sculpting clay do you prefer and what tools do you use the most for it?
        Dec 31, 2021
      3. marvel b
        marvel b
        Another question. How hard was it to add the extra plumage design to Airrazor's chest? I loved the look it added to her!
        Jan 2, 2022
      4. Unicron9
        Apoxie sculpt and various tools, but like I said, shoot me a message if you want to discuss whatever.
        Jan 2, 2022
    2. Venixion
      I've been looking at your animal customs. Your realistic paintwork is fantastic.
    3. THE 1
      THE 1
      (continued from prior post) Anyway.... Again, just wanted to let you know I'm happy to see your are doing better and that the docs said the cancer has not spread. Keep them coming and God bless.
      1. Unicron9
        Thank you!
        May 17, 2021
    4. THE 1
      THE 1
      Just wanted to say that this is the first time I saw that you have posted a custom recently and I just wanted to drop a note to say I'm glad to see you posting customs again. I had to dig a bit and saw that you were on the road to recovery after your lung surgery back in March.
    5. Death Dancaa
      Death Dancaa
      So sorry to hear about the cancer man. You did a custom Delta Magnus for a friend of mine who then gave it to me a an early Christmas gift. You’re great at what you do. He says you’re a cool dude so you’ll be in my prayers. Hope you make a full recovery!
      1. Unicron9
        Sorry I just now saw this message. I did recover, and almost fully I think! :)
        May 17, 2021
    6. Subject Delta
      Subject Delta
      I’m interested in buying your xtb stunticons. What would you want for them?
      1. Unicron9
        PM sent
        Dec 12, 2020
    7. MaverickPrime
      Your customs are incredible man!
      1. Unicron9
        Thank you!
        Dec 2, 2020
    8. Transformersfan509
      Amazing work on Blackout TJ!! Also your daughter did a terrific job on Scorponok! I would totally have her do a custom for me again!!
    9. Fallout
      hey man, any chance you remember what kind of paint you used on your beast wars optimus prime/big convoy custom? finally picking one up for myself and have similar plans for the mold.
      1. Unicron9
        I believe it was mostly just testors enamels.
        Mar 25, 2019
      2. Fallout
        oh, awesome. thanks man!
        Mar 25, 2019
    10. magnusprime2012
      Love your work buddy.....anychance can you give some info if i want to get a CW ultra magnus painted a little better
    11. Predaconcept
      Hey, I'm trying to do a transmetal rattrap backpack flip, I found a few of your photos and some others online, got any more shots of the build or any tips?
      1. Unicron9
        I don't remember what I did but I think it was non-transforming.
        Apr 12, 2018
      2. Predaconcept
        That's what I'm intending as well.
        Apr 13, 2018
    12. Novaburnhilde
      Hey Unicron, hope your doing well with stuff at the moment!
    13. ibot

      First of all , amazing figures you created!
      We are Alien Attack Co., and are special for action figure / transformable robots designs, if you have interest mass releasing your designs, please contact my email to [email protected], we can talk about your potential designs

      1. Markatron
        Can i help out? I am good at marketing
        Dec 23, 2016
    14. Lady Slipstream
      Lady Slipstream
      I would like a lot to do customs like you... they are amazing!
    15. Lady Slipstream
      Lady Slipstream
      YAY! you accepted my friend request!

      I loved your customs since I was 11 years old BTW, and still I love them.
    16. goobahead1
      are you still there?
    17. solusprime19
      nice dude! I actually never thought of that one....
    18. Unicron9
      Used too, but I did this to him and sold him a while back- WFC Nemesis Prime by Unicron9 on deviantART
    19. solusprime19
      oh, the shows and not the toys, I can see that... although Cybertron was pretty good...
      do you have landmine?
    20. solusprime19
      Wait, you don't like Cybertron?An otherwise good custom, however.
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