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Feb 20, 2013
    1. Skyclaw
      Did you still want to buy my items? I still have some for sell and added more. send me a PM if your interested.
    2. alternators09
      which transformers are you looking for
      sorry for the late reply btw
    3. mandiprime97
      Dude, you must be a troll or spammer. If you're going to say "iwillletyouknowwhenicanpayforit" on people's sales thread and actually not have the money, don't post a reply thay makes you look like a 5 year old on here. I'm suprised you aren't banned yet.
    4. setphazertostun
      Oh spamarama troll, which way did you go? Please stop knocking on my da-da-door! :D
    5. alldarker
      I posted a message warning people about dealing with this joker back on January 20th, quickly after this guys started spamming everyone. After that, I was mostly amused by everyone obliviously posting here, eager to sell their stuff without checking out other people's experiences with this guy.
      On that same date, I even posted a mod, asking him to deal with this guy accordingly. I guess the mods aren't really fussed about people trolling the sales topics though.
    6. setphazertostun
      Time to shut this guy down! He has been spamming, and been a nuisance for nearly a solid month now.

      FYI - this guy is wasting your time. He told me he couldn't buy anything for "a while".

      So, I wouldn't plan on holding anything for him. Look at how many people he has asked about items...
    7. Thegunslinger
      Ok. So what I am getting from this is that you will not be buying stuff from any of these people. Please do not message people like this stating that you WANT to buy ALL the items from our sales threads. It just seems that people are getting upset about this and if it continues somebody is going to report you for spamming. No hard feelings. Just a heads up.
    8. PrimulArchangel
      I have no idea what you are even talking about now my friend.. Please stop posting these messages and just send me a Private Message. I will no long reply to any of these wall post because they do not make any sence to me.. And please DO NOT post anything in my sale thread or wanted thread.. If you are serious about buying things then Private Message me. Thanks :)
    9. Thegunslinger
      Hey buddy. If you really want to buy EVERYTHING in my sales I need to know you are serious about it.
    10. NighthawkPrime
      Hey. you really need to clean out your inbox. As far as your offer to buy everything in my thread. based on what i see here. I respectfully decline your offer.
    11. Fenrys
      hey, if youre still interested just message me a price you are willing to pay, im flexible with prices as long as its reasonable, though my prid ultra magnus is no longer on the list
    12. Thegunslinger
      Just saw your request on my page. What are you interested in buying? Also send me a PM.
    13. Omegax80
      Listen kid, you can't just keep posting over and over that you want to buy things if you don't have the money to buy. People are going to get ticked off and report you as a spammer, which ends up getting you banned.

      Replying to messages saying "iwillletyouknowwhenicanbuythem" is a fast way to piss off people.
    14. Triformis
      Please erase your inbox - you can save the messages if that's your concern. I do not wish to discuss prices in full view. :)
    15. joshnpowell
      I have an updated list of my Transformers but I can not send you a Private Message until you delete some older messages. Please let me know when we can do this so I can send you the updated list if you are still interested.
    16. maximus_primal
      I really need to sell the items you asked me to hold for you. If I don't hear from by Saturday morning I will have to remove the pending on them. Sorry but I really need the money.
    17. Fenrys
      Awesome, how much are you willing to offer? I'm pretty flexible on prices but it needs to be reasonable with shipping
    18. Triformis
      Heh. I guess I'll add my wall post. You never PMed me and I rarely look at wall posts, but if you're still interested in buying stuff, lmk!
    19. joshnpowell
      Okay, that's awesome! I will send you an updated list ASAP. Where are you located? Would I need to ship them to you or would we be able to meet somewhere?
    20. maximus_primal
      Please clean out your PM inbox & sent box. I tried to send you a message. Hope things are ok.
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