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May 4, 2012
Sep 16, 2009
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Unicron the Pla

Cybertronian Accountant, 35

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May 4, 2012
    1. Swiftcat Prime
    2. jgoss
      hey uni haven't heard from you in quite awhile hope everything is cool.
    3. jgoss
      hey uni hope you had a good christmas and new year's. drop me a line when you can.
    4. jgoss
      hi uni just wanted to check in to see how things are going. write me back when you have time also don't know if i ever asked you this. do you watch tf prime?
    5. jgoss
      that sucks uni you where putting in alot of hours.well hopefully you get hired soon because internship doesn't pay any money.
    6. cybertron2006
      Hey man, you up for the 3rd Rendition of the Fanfiction Reviews?
    7. jgoss
      doing good uni been working alot myself.school started last week and it was good. at least you are working i'm thankful everyday that i have two jobs.
    8. jgoss
      hey uni what's up my friend? still busying with work? school will be starting soon then i'll be working some sat. and maybe some days during the week.
    9. Iskander
      Hi, just noticed you are using one of my faction symbols as avatar, wonder were you got it. I have them at my DeviantArt gallery, but I could have posted them somewhere else too, can't remember.
    10. jgoss
      hi uni just wanted to let you know that we are moving tomorrow so i won't be on for awhile.
    11. jgoss
      well seen it tuesday and WOW loved it mr.bay is the man:bay:bay also i'm on vacation next week so i will have sometime to myself
    12. jgoss
      no i haven't yet uni been working alot just about everybody on here love dotm!! i wanna see it real bad. i really haven't been on here much.
    13. jgoss
      we will be alot better off especially because heat and electric is included in the rent
    14. jgoss
      oh also we hae to move out of this house but we already found a new place it's even better than what we have know. at least it's not till aug.1
    15. jgoss
      i hear ya about needing the money that's why i don't depend on ot at my full-time and work at least 4 days at my part-time
    16. jgoss
      have you able to sleep at all? sometimes when i come home from my part-time i try and take a nap because i'm so exhausted. hopefully thet get things fixed soon and things can get back to normal.
    17. jgoss
      i don't know bout you uni but i'm getting excited about DOTM i think it's 28 days and counting!! also that sucks about your job why couldn't they do it quicker. do they have extra people to help you?
    18. jgoss
      it will all pat off in the end.hey have you seen the new clips on ellen?
    19. jgoss
      how true nothing new just got out of work. working tomorrow nite at 6pm
    20. jgoss
      i've heard that they are insane and that the fans are very vocal. just hoping that i can go i won't get any sleep but that's ok.
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