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Unlikeable dry-skinned biped, Male, from Morristown, IN

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    1. Furyan
      You seen the prices that those Animation cells lots are at?? Holy Sh*t!!!! Guess Im out.
    2. Furyan
      Yeah true plus its the cheapest lot atm:lol Hopefully it does go too far north of $500,dont think i can justify anymore than that.
    3. Furyan
      Im digging lots #2 and #3 for sure. Might jump into #3,love the constructicons.
    4. Furyan
      awesome thanks man! Those sure are going for serious loot
    5. Furyan
      Thanks! Could you possibly provide a direct link to any of the G1 lots? I dont know why I cant get to them even after doing what you suggested. Thanks again!
    6. Furyan
      For some reason I cant find the listings on ebay for the second listing. I clicked the link but it shows no auctions hmmmm?
    7. Furyan
      Awesome thanks for the headsup! I will have to take a look! you plan on grabbing anything?
    8. Onslaught24
      Oh man, those look awesome!! I'm dirt broke though :cry
    9. MetalicGrunt
      Hey Brother. Ya had not knowing too many people in person. I was the guy running around yesterday in the NEST tact uniform with the inflatable Gatling gun.
    10. Onslaught24
      Yeah Quaddy said he couldn't afford the trip. Neither could I unfortunately. I also started college this year so I didn't wanna miss any classes in my first semester. A friend of mine (she played Dead End in the script reading and cosplayed humanformers Jazz) picked up Nero Rex for me though.
    11. Maz
      That is a gorgeous collection man, many congratulations!!!
    12. bitterfishies
      Yeah, that's my main problem XD My husband would never let me share a room with another guy with out him there(which I understand). Sometimes it sucks being a girl in a male dominated hobby! lol
    13. ambitron
      Thanks! Much appreciated!
    14. Superquad7
      I don't know of anyone right off, sorry. I'm sure you can find someone in our NC group that needs a roomie.
    15. Dean ML
      Dean ML
      Hey, man! Yeah, I live near KSU in Marietta. I didn't go to Joelanta but some of my buddies did. I'm a comic book artist and was doing a signing at SCCon the weekend after so I stayed home to get some family time in! :) When my kids are older I'll definitely be taking them to stuff like Joelanta, though. My son's turning 2 in a few weeks and is already nuts about TFs, TMNT, and superheroes.
    16. KnightHawkke
      Kung Pow was a masterpiece of comedy, will always be one of my favorites, so sad they never did the sequel.
    17. Robowang
      Hey, thanks for the heads-up! I'll check it out.
    18. Ikkstakk
      Thanks for the sig love. I'd be over the moon for a MP Brawn too!
    19. Maz
      Hey bud, yes I PM'ed him straight away and he was asking $250. I asked if he would take 250 shipped to UK and in 2 halves, and then he re-advertised them in the thread. So I'm guessing that's a "no".


      All the best
    20. Onslaught24
      Nah. Actually he was about to sell me a Generations Scourge but when he went to look for it to send it to me, he couldn't find it and remembered he'd sold it along with his other one already. So as a thanks for bearing with him, he sent me a sketch of Onslaught. Dunno if you saw his thread but he makes sketches of the characters whose figures he sells for the buyers as a little thanks.
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