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Jun 21, 2017
Apr 10, 2009
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Jun 21, 2017
    1. rumsawatti
    2. nelodiavolo
      I know for sure I will be getting both the free exclusive and G2 Dirge. HAVE to get those! Waiting for the preorder email. Not too interested in the Cheator one though. Easy pass.

      I did end up getting 2010 Rapido. Pretty cool.
    3. nelodiavolo
      Nah Not into the Animated Exclusives. Really digging the TFCC exclusives this year though. Are you going?
    4. nelodiavolo
      Whats up man! Having heard from you in a while. You headed to Botcon this year?
    5. rumsawatti
      yea, lol megan was really rh only reason most watched the movie....i watched it for the an effects dude, the movie is wat got me into tfs, if it was up to armada and g1 i never would have got in...
    6. rumsawatti
      i dont really think ill be back with tfs afer the thrid movie but definitely gona checkit out..hope and pray it imax 3d LOL
    7. rumsawatti
      LOL yea i only got into tfs after the first movie but the second movie personnally had way to many humnas and a lt of breaks in the storyline...still a good movie action and effects wise but storyline and replay time not so much, i watched the firt one 7 times in a row and the second one only 2...
    8. rumsawatti
      yeaaaa...i dont know why, maybe after the 3rd movie people will start dropping back in, but i think tfs are being left for die hard fans now just as marvel has been. people are getting into other stuff now...even around the forums here i have been talking to a good set of people and they are just not interested in tfs anymore, i honestly have not used the BTS forum on here in a while, ive been trying to get a bunch of mcfarlane drgons, if u ever come across some hit me up...sooo...where u livin now? u still in china i think u were last time we talked?
    9. rumsawatti
      LOL they are very real looking...very nice figures...i do agree iron man figures ROCK!!! never really looked into kamed rider much...might hafta check it ur not that hyped bout the tf line either i take it?
    10. rumsawatti
      HAHA u too ;)
    11. rumsawatti
      oh and happy holidays btw :)
    12. rumsawatti
      yea same here broke as hell..nah i drpped out on those, too hard to find and wen u get them the price is devastating to ur wallet lol...anyways i dropped out on tfs a few months ago, just lost interest i guess, i stuck around and started buying, customising, and reselling them cause i needed the money but then dropped tat too, right now ive been checking out mcfarlane dragons, im newly introduced to them and what can i say im hooked on them now, cant say much for mcfarlane toys in general, i picked up a box of spawn toys and honestly was not so hyped as i was bout the anything new with u? u keepin up wit dem wsts are ya?
    13. rumsawatti
      HAHAHA that was months ago LOL whats up man how u been?
    14. nelodiavolo
      I would like a few older exclusive figs like Botcon 07 and 08. Its too bad that I just started getting into Botcon figs this year. Those 07 08 sets are really expensive nowadays! Man, one of these days...
    15. nelodiavolo
      Sweet man. I want that sg rodimus! Big bucks right there! I may stick with FP rodimus prime version of that mold. Repaint looks sweet though.

      Ya, I still want rapido and double punch.
    16. nelodiavolo
      Hey just picked up the remaining 4 botcon figs for 2 bills!
    17. nelodiavolo
      Just bought Botcon Breakdown for $100 bucks! I know I was going to buy the set but now I can get the three Botcon figs I wanted for under the price of the box set. Jealous?
    18. nelodiavolo
      Ah dude, you should have told me, I could have preorded two! I have my Predaking preorded as well. Never ownded the origional. Reissues are always on my want list. Had to get that for sure!
    19. nelodiavolo
      I think I will grab a box set. Just need to stop spending on BBTS preorders! I just got my last piece of crazy devy parts (legs finally!), two SDCC Blasters, and my BBTS Seacons just shipped. AND freakin Crossfire set for Bruticus is this month too!

      Man, I want to go to Botcon 11....I'll have to see. Glad to see its back in CA. You going?
    20. nelodiavolo
      Nice haul bro! Haha yea breakdown is getting up there in price. I think I'd be better off buying a box set for more value for the money.

      Picked up HA Jazz and he is awesome! Even though I'm done collecting ROTF, I needed this one.

      Don't plan to sell my extra p/cp just yet. I have a feeling it will go up even more! Haha.
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