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Jun 21, 2017
Apr 10, 2009
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Jun 21, 2017
    1. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      hey buddy! you still around? what have you been up to?
    2. nelodiavolo
      Yea my wife was the one who scored the tickets the day they went on sale. Well nothing too new that i got recently. Just the two botcon sets, SG Prime and Kickoff, and SG Junkions. I did get Terricon Cliffy a while back.

      Crazy man, your all the way in HK! Dude, are there any FE Vehicons there? Thats the only FE figure I am missing. What about you, anything cool in HK?
    3. nelodiavolo
      Hey! I'm good thanks! What about you?

      Yea, still have plans to head to the con next month. Have a 5 day pass with preview! Can't wait!
    4. nelodiavolo
      Its cool man, it was a last minute thing and I didn't even know I wanted the others until I saw them here in the Botcon News.
    5. nelodiavolo
      Hey man, I scored a great deal for the Junkion and Prime\Kick off sets! Just wanted to let you know since I had asked about yours. Bought both from the same seller.
    6. nelodiavolo
      Ah no worries man, I know if must be really awesome to be at the con! I am looking for a few sales for the SG Junkions trio and SG G2 Prime. The Boxset I will wait as I think this years set will be pretty cheap down the road.

      Nice, you get to go to Japan and HK! You have great places to pick up toys, lol. I want to go to Japan one day.

      Yea, I'll be picking up SDCC CJ for sure, well as long as they are not too crazy to get at the con. I want that and the FOC Bruticus set, and probably the Shockwave\Gi Joe crossover.
    7. nelodiavolo
      Awesome, have a good time! Wish I could go but at least I'm attending SD Comic-Con this year. As for me, yea I been collecting Prime figs too. Have a mix of Takara\Canadian FE, RID, and Cyberverse. Really looking forward to getting the Takara Minicons that I have on preorder.

      Also just got a Battletanker from BBTS when it was on sale. And My wife bought me the Casualty trio for my Bday.

      Just like always, running out of room, lol. Looking forward to a few botcon figs that will be sold here on the Junkion exchange. I hear Insecticons might be a three pack?
    8. nelodiavolo
      Hey! Yea Pretty good. Whats new with you? Going to Botcon?
    9. nelodiavolo
      Yea, I just put my order in for 2 Runabouts. Skipped Drift for now. I only have a few SG figs so it would take a lot of money to collect them all, lol. Especially since that 2008 set costs bucks. I started collecting TFCC toys after the awesome 2007-2008 sets.
    10. nelodiavolo
      I think I am just going to pick up Over-run. SG drift is just not looking that great to me. The mold is cool, but I'm alright with just Blurr and regular Drift.
    11. nelodiavolo
      I may wait and pick them up later on the boards. Right now I am just trying to get my TFCC preorder in. Crazy website problems today! lol
    12. nelodiavolo
      Man, that's pretty cool! I wish I was going, haha. I hear the Non attending is going to be sometime this week. Start saving that money, I hear it gets expensive!
    13. nelodiavolo
      Ah cool, thanks for the heads up and offer! The Primus package is for attending though right? I won't be able to go this year. Are you going?
    14. nelodiavolo
      I doubt it, but I like this years box set theme. Hopefully I can score one at a decent price on the boards here. Looking forward to the TFCC exclusives as well. Yea TFC Herc would be awesome to have but I have no room. And I still have about four five boxes of unopened stuff. lol
    15. nelodiavolo
      Nah no Tformers for Christmas, but to be fair, I didn't ask for too many this year lol. I am up to my eyes in toys and boxes! I slowed down in recently, especially since these third party toys are flooding the market and I really cannot keep up.

      But the wife did get me Transformers the Movie (80's animated) on Blu-ray. That was pretty awesome. A UK release I think.

      What toys are you collecting now?
    16. nelodiavolo
      Hey, nothing much. Just getting through the holiday rush and ready for New Years at home. What you been up to?
    17. Twincast13
      Any word an contacting kwonghingco yet?
    18. nelodiavolo
      I just bought the two figures off the boards. Didn't go to the convention. Maybe next year. It would be nice to attend at least one of them.
    19. nelodiavolo
      Nice! I want that ehobby set for the Junkion. But I am waiting and hoping Hasbro will release one for the US.

      Uh lets see, I did pick up a Botcon 2011 TC and Galvy set. I really dig them. Only thing I wanted from this years Botcon. You going to the SD comic con? I want that Prime with trailer.
    20. nelodiavolo
      Hey man, long time no chat. Anything new you pick up?
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