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Dec 17, 2015
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ultraman zoffy

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Lurking behind the scenes and making random TF related paraphernalia. Dec 24, 2019

    1. Thereal9thdoctor
      Hey man! Just thought I'd drop a line to ask if you are able to talk about my qyestion regarding Siege Megs. If not no worries. Bigger things goin on right now.
    2. Thereal9thdoctor
      Heyah man! Got a question... Do you have or know of any siege Megatron upgrade parts/kits that allow him to transform into a more convincing gun mode? Not expecting miracles, mainly a means to have the sword/barrel and fusion cannon/scope be used as per g1, amd maybe something to replace the tank treads.

      Thanks for any info you can provide me.

    3. ltcali
      Can I get a quote for the OS JIu Jiang Superion upgrade parts, the thighs and the chest? Also what all upgrades do you have for that figure?
    4. nelix510
      Can i get a quote for the hasbro predaking knee/thigh kit? Also need a quote for os ko feral rex adapter kit for hasbro predaking.
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Shoot me a PM and we can discuss some details! Thanks
        Jan 22, 2020
    5. Bluecowbowling
      How much for your JJ-02 jet commander upgrade kit?
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Shoot me a PM and we can go over the details. Thanks!
        Jan 5, 2020
    6. ultraman zoffy
      ultraman zoffy
      Lurking behind the scenes and making random TF related paraphernalia.
    7. Thereal9thdoctor
      I am trying to PM you regarding the prices of those Jet Commander parts... But I can't seem to find how you PM someone.
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Click my screen name, and then click "start a conversation"
        Dec 9, 2019
    8. ultraman zoffy
      ultraman zoffy
      Operations temporarily on hold due to my designs and ideas being ripped off and sold by Chinese "companies" and other "designers". =/
      1. nelix510
        I wouldn’t let this discourage your aspirations to fabricate custom parts.

        As long as you inform the public, they will stay loyal to you. Along with awesome customer support too.

        The sales that you make can cover future custom fabrication projects as well and fans would want that.
        Jan 29, 2020
      2. nelix510
        Fight fire with fire.

        Make your own inspired copies of copycats and sell it cheaper.

        It will piss them off
        Jan 29, 2020
    9. Amadeus Novilium
      Amadeus Novilium
      What are your commission prices. I'm trying to make a overlord foot extender using his rail connector on his feet.
    10. DreadShadowcat
      saw your post on the playmates classic 84 voltron elbow fix. To me its a acceptable fix to the lacking bicep swivel i would like a set for my figure. have you tried to do a shoulder fix for it?
    11. Alvah Trion
      Alvah Trion
      Hello, sir. I just joined the site based on your posts about the top-shelf Jinbao Predaking leg/torso/arm/height upgrades you designed. I'm still figuring out the site and can't seem to locate the PM function, but I wanted to ask if you're still interested in buyers because I'd like to purchase if you are....
    12. Roconius p
      Roconius p
      how much for the ab adder 2000
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        PM me for details! Thanks! =)
        Jul 16, 2019
    13. Sengokutron
      Zoffy, if I sent you an undersized CW KO for you to keep, can you design parts for him to bring him up to mainline devy status with the 3p offerings (i.e. cab for Mixmaster, elbows for scrapper, etc)? Only problem with him is scavenger has a broken arm and hooks port to hold in bonecrasher is looking wonky.
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Hello! PM me with your upgrade ideas for the KO Devy so I can see if what you want is feasible. Thanks!
        Jul 15, 2019
      How do I get my hands on the Siege Megatron (ab crunch) Ab-Abber 2000?
    15. Fafnir72
      Hello and Good day! Just read about your mods. You have a site to check up on your products? I'm interested withe Siege SW mod. Thanks in advance!
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Site is under development, but you can shoot me a PM and let me know what parts you're interested in! Thanks for checking out my designs. =)
        Jun 12, 2019
    16. TarnDJDDC4L
      Hello. Are you still doing the OS Feral/Nero knee braces? if so how much are they?
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Yup, those are still available! PM me for details.
        May 27, 2019
    17. Optimugatron
      I was reading the post about the Soundwave arm filler panels and was wanting to know more about YOUR design, cost, shipping etc. Also, have you done anything similar for Megatron and Sideswipe? Last question....have you thought about designing new armatures for Soundwave's "nacelles" for his alt mode? something that can fold down and tab on the side cleanly would be much better. Gawd, I wish I could do CAD myself!
    18. DelialFallen
      How much are the Soundwave shoulder sliding things?
    19. kdog
      Can you design a chest plate for siege box set Magnus for God ginrai mode
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Can you send me a pic of the figure and maybe one of the design you're envisioning? I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the right figure or not...
        Apr 12, 2019
      2. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Oh right, you're talking about the Magnus Prime figure from the Siege of Cybertron boxed set! Sorry, I almost forgot about that set... what kind of chest plate design are you imagining?
        Apr 12, 2019
    20. Constructor
      How much would it be for Soundwave's shoulder sliding bits?
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