ultraman zoffy
Dec 17, 2015
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ultraman zoffy

Out here making whatever whenever

    1. Khyron42
      I am also looking to spend money to receive delicious stability for my Jinbao OS Feral Rex (I just learned it has its own name, "Into The Sky"), and I *also* created an account for this so I think the DM option probably isn't available to me yet. But if can DM *me* , I'd love to spend some money on some of those bits
    2. DaddyDreamer
      Ultraman zoffy i dont know how to PM on here. But want to know if you have or are making the Jinbao feral rex upscale kits
      1. Funkmaster
        I also would like to know
        Dec 27, 2023
    3. Googlybear
      Are you still making the seige megatron ab crunch and thigh extensions?
    4. Basilisk
      Hi is there any chance you will make the parts for the Ginrai inner robot parts of POTP Optimus Prime for the original Hasbro release?
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        It's possible, the parts just aren't scaled for the original POTP release yet.
        Oct 3, 2023
    5. buttheaditron
      Any chance you will be making more Jinbao Feral Rex Scale Up Kits? If so, I would really like to get my hands on one.
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Yup, I'm still making those. Shoot me a PM for order details.
        Nov 4, 2022
    6. Etherium Ranger
      Etherium Ranger
      I was wondering if you will be selling the TW Leia/ZETA Arc rear bumper add-on again? I would love to purchase one from you.
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss a possible order for that part. Thanks!
        Oct 21, 2022
      2. Etherium Ranger
        Etherium Ranger
        OK just sent it
        Oct 21, 2022
    7. Fobster
      Hi! Recently picked up the Legacy Soundwave only to find out that he’s a bit too short for my liking. Do you still sell the Stretch kit for Siege Soundwave?
    8. Erik Riley
      Erik Riley
      Are you still making the upgrade kit for jinbao predaking?
    9. BumbleB
      Hi Zoffy, I really like your cab upgrade for KO devastator/ Mixmaster. I noticed you are not using shapeways anymore so is there a way I can still source the cab?
    10. marvel b
      marvel b
      Hey, Zoffy. Quick questions. What 3D printer did you use to print the larger pieces you make? You've inspired me to take a crack at 3D printing and designing myself and a few of my ideas are pretty big if i go and do them. Also, thanks!
    11. SuperOptimus
    12. D-Unit
      Do you still.have the upgrades for the Thrilling 30 Jetfire? I know it was from a while back
    13. Alpha Matrix
      Alpha Matrix
      I would like to order a upgrade set for the jinbao Predaking.
    14. ankokushin
      haras version cw superion?
      me interesaria...
    15. ultraman zoffy
      ultraman zoffy
      私は自分自身と他の誰のためにおもちゃをデザインしません =)
    16. TMFM
      I can't seem to find a place to PM you. That new 2 piece waist for your OS Gravity Builder is the nicest I've seen. But I don't see it in your shapeways store.
    17. Anthony Pedroza
      Anthony Pedroza
      Im intersted in the Jinboa OS Feral Rex kit anyway I can submit an order to you?
    18. Chris Waldorf
      Chris Waldorf
      Are you selling those elbow joints for the voltron classic yet? The elbow joints are really bugging me lol. Or if you'd sell me the files for a 3D print that would be awesome too. Lol
    19. vagrant rider
      vagrant rider
      Interested in your JuiJiang OS Superion thighs only. How much? please pm me...tnx
      1. ultraman zoffy
        ultraman zoffy
        Actually, please PM me if you're interested, as I prefer to have the conversations in my inbox for order history purposes. Thanks!
        Aug 12, 2020
    20. Raze134
      Hey. I sent a PM for an upgrade order when you get the chance to look at it.
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