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Jan 15, 2019
Jul 8, 2008
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Jan 15, 2019
    1. jon81
      Hello, do you still have bruticus maximus for sale?
    2. Slimaximus
      He has never done me or anyone i personally know wrong so, you can say what you want, I'll stand by my experience over someone elses words
    3. BLK-OUT 4500X
      BLK-OUT 4500X
      Can I see more pics of your megatron ?
    4. Arcee Fembot
    5. Cheetimus Prime
      Cheetimus Prime
      No gallery, he's an old custom. I honestly never painted the tail of the dino mode so who knows when I'd get around to that.
    6. GogDog
      I don't work on the front page.
    7. SMOG
      It's unfortunately not an easy head to come by... unless you have a ton of G1 junkers kicking around. It's G1 Pretender Finback's inner robot. It's a pretty good little head sculpt. Personally for Blitzwing, I prefer the head from RID Heavy Load (Build Team dumptruck guy). It's pretty much a bang-on match for his G1 head... even the colours!
    8. jemi
      hi ultramagnus.i have been watching your work with dotm leader megatron and i must say what a truly work of art.i am thinking about making one for my son and if you dont mind i have a few questions for you.what did you use to make megatrons forarms and did you use optimus legs for megatrons legs or just some parts of optimus

      best regards: jesper
    9. Superquad7
      Autorooper x Atari - Mazda RX-8 (Police Style) - Transformers Kiss Players - TFW2005 :wink:
    10. jordy
      I am indeed, pm me your address and I can add you.
    11. Janeails22x
      I am on facebook, but just my personal account. Should I make a customizer account??
    12. G60Force
      Yeah I do since a few days... but I need to figure out which of my 2 account I'm gonna use :) thnx dude!
    13. OmarJT82
    14. eagc7
      He does it in the book, Optimus gets to look on helpless, knowing Sentinel and their last hope just died.
      i know he does it in the book,

      i said theres no mention of this or its not show in the IDW Comic Adaptation instead we see it on the IDW Prequels for the movie
    15. Falconhood
      hey, if you are just starting your BW collection, you might want to try a look at my FOR SALE list, i have a ton that will go to charity if i can't sell them by February.
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