Ultra Magnus Combiner
Feb 2, 2018
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Ultra Magnus Combiner

Well-Known Member, Male, from East Coast - USA

New Member Feb 12, 2018

    1. Ultra Magnus Combiner
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    East Coast - USA
    I use to love transformers a long time ago. Only had a small number of transformer toys but my neighbor had all of them so I was a fan from the start. I kept one toy over the years that was a bull since I like the idea of it since there is one on wall street. Right before I sold it to someone in Hawaii, it caused me to look at the newer Dinobots and Combiners. I was impressed by the TW Dinobot Combiner and other combiners. So it ultimately lead me to rediscover transformers again. Looks like I became a collector at just the right time since the products look awesome and fulfills the dream of having awesome transformers I always wanted when I was young.

    Huge Combiner Wars fan / Unite Warriors fan, since I loved the Masquerade Episode a lot since it was car combiners vs. car combiners. Plus, I absolutely love the "scramble city" aspect as well as "cross intergrating limbs from other combiners". Finally someone did it! - Now we can get really creative and have fun with the diversity of options in order to personalizing things.
    - Thanks Hasbro and Takara :) 

    Thanks to 3rd Parties and etc. who Oversize the Combiner Wars Figures so their combined mode is bigger! It's great when someone makes something great, even better. Now, I can have a OS CW Defensor next to my CW Devastator.


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