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    1. JamesbotXD
      added u to my 3ds list thingy
    2. Eric
      Added you on my 3DS Friends list. Here's my friend code: 1435-4875-7021
    3. j05hmountain
      Hi Tytus how much are looking for to part with that FE Bulkhead?
    4. eagc7
    5. eagc7
      Why do people keep using the names Wheeljack and Que for this toy interchangeably? Isn't this the Que toy, and there's a redeco with a new head coming out later called Wheeljack? Or are they just both named Wheeljack on the packages?
      Who we know as Que in DOTM is actually the Movieverse Wheeljack, He's Called Wheeljack in the books, comics, Adaptations, Games and toyline, but by some reason his name was changed to Que in the Movie, But he's wheeljack, the repaint is also Wheeljack, that toy is acutally Wheeljack original body before Shockwave badly damaged him (and before getting his current look in the movie), to point this futher he's called Que/Wheeljack in movie credits

      (similar thing happened with Mirage/Dino, only expection that he is not called mirage on the credits)
    6. optimalzeromus
      Glad to hear you got to play it! My wife's tearin up Skyrim as I'm rippin up Zelda: Skyward Sword =D
    7. optimalzeromus
      why can't ya play Skyrim? I understand the torment =<
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