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I vawnt my berdt.

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Mar 6, 2015
    1. eagc7
      even though i ill have no plans to do a Phase 4 for TF/Marvel at the moment, i do have planned up some things for it if i ever decide to make it, wanna hear what would happen in Phase 4 if i ever make?
    2. QLRformer
      Well, as an auditor I'm supposed to check out the workplace, see that people are following the rules properly and honestly. But people don't like being checked on, or people finding problems with their work, so they give explanations and/or try to fix their work behind your back. We're not even being hostile, they just have to look good to us. It was trouble doing my job, having to look for slag to fix, when they're trying to hide/fix their slag.

      It's finally done, at least. Work's slacked off a bit, can take a break and stick around online more.
    3. Sideways77
      More movie-based Ratchets.

      I like the idea of a Medic who doesn't need protection, like how WFC/FOC, TFP, and to a degree TFA's Ratchets were. If Ratchet was surrounded, he'll pop the machine gun, pop ghe saw, and go to town.
    4. HeroicC300
      Yo, real long time no chat this time.

      After reading the review of A Thousand Lies, I think I've got a hint on Ishmael's speech patterns for the revisions.

      Sample statement (speak it out really fast):
      "Well, if we start attacking from this side, it'll count as an automatic flanking/surgical strike; they don't think such areas are normally accessible. However, if we use a parkour/cryokinesis combination they won't be able to react easily. The catch: even if this works, they still have anti-vehicle/anti-air weapons with explosive rounds and the like. We'll need to ignore caution for this one!"

      He uses a LOT of punctuation marks, especially slashes, semi-colons and quotation marks.
    5. QLRformer
      Pleasure, I needed a break from work. It was hot, but relaxing (waterfalls and room service, a match made in Eden). But when I came back I was given a burden of Long Haul's magnitude. Hence my reply to you only now. But so far, it's been hard but okay.
    6. Sideways77
      I liked that Ratchet most. He wasn't only a medic, but a commando as well. He's gunning Cons down, and he actually does medical stuff.

      And he doesn't say something stupid like 'I needed that' every movie.
    7. Sideways77
      Hope he's back for TF4.
    8. kaijuguy19
      Oh ok. :lol
    9. UltraAlanMagnus
      It is Appropiate.
    10. kaijuguy19
      I still need to check out Last Stand of the Wreckers myself. :) How is it so far?
    11. Sideways77
      I like Foxworth the most. Voice and Ratchet.

      TFP is too comedic, TFA is fine, and G1 was nothing.
    12. kaijuguy19
      That's the one. I can see why a lot of people are into it. I'm liking Whirl so far. :lol
    13. Sideways77
      He does a good Ratchet. I love his Ratchet voice.

      Or Trypticon.
    14. UltraAlanMagnus
      "I vawnt my berdt." Really Sounds like your Dracula.
    15. kaijuguy19
      I'm doinf fine too. :)

      Have you checked out More then Meets the Eye yet? I did and it's quite good.
    16. Sideways77
      Not a lot are trying to be Tony, though.

      Fred's really good. He needs to be in Transformers more. Even though he's already in a lot.
    17. kaijuguy19
      How's it going? :)
    18. Sideways77
      I thought his Tony Todd was a bit off. You hear that tone you heard with Bane and Grindor.
    19. Sideways77
      So who can Fred Tatascoire impersonate? Aside from Alec Baldwin, anyway.
    20. MV95
      I think it's gonna be awhile before the "Bay Leaves" photo can be used :lol
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