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I vawnt my berdt.

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Mar 6, 2015
    1. MandarinQuake
      Hey TylerMirage, I just got done adding pics of all the New Scooby-Doo Movies Characters into the BTVA forums, and they are ready to be added to the shows character and cast page
    2. Sideways77
    3. QLRformer
      Fair enough. Marketing, selling something to the public, contributes a great deal to its success. Look how much of marketing the TF films got.

      But your personal impressions? What can you yourself reveal, if anything? Was it awesome, cool?
    4. QLRformer
      When can we see your music video? When will it be available to the public?
    5. HeroicC300
      Finally, finally wrote out Ishmael for a chapter or two.

      This'll help the story by letting me put the spotlight on the characters I want to.

      Oh, and the lyrics in this chapter are: "Cover me, darling please."
    6. eagc7
    7. Sideways77
      Can you comment?

      I won't really make Venus explode.
    8. Sideways77
      I just did a dump of my designs in my thread. If you don't view, I'll have to make Venus explode.
    9. eagc7
      Transformers: Tales of the Fallen: Starscream Part 2 - YouTube
    10. eagc7
      so what ya think of my ideas for Phase 4 if i ever make it?
    11. ARCTrooperAlpha
      Hey Tyler, been busy. Personally, I do think Superman would win because of his unique biology, he's like a eternal battery when you think about it. And I'm pretty sure that Hulk, with anger as his strength, is pretty "human" in that he does get tired, but if he does get more powerful the more he gets angry, he'd probably end up killing himself (as in destroy the Earth)

      I don't really know, not really a comic book fan. More into martial arts : /

      Originally Posted by ARCTrooperAlpha View Post
      Also off topic, who'd win in a fight? Fully realized Superman or The Hulk ?

      If it was a legitimate fight-to-the-death, and Superman was willing to kill, then Superman, easily. Superman is leagues above that of even the Hulk. And if driven to killing, Superman wipes the floor with Hulk's green, blood-soaked body. Or at least, those are my thoughts.

      What do you think?
    12. Sideways77
      That's a damn good series. I didn't know how many familiar voices were in it.

      (Mae Whitman, Nolan North, Danny Jacobs, ect)
    13. HeroicC300
      I love using grammar in speech patterns because it's not said, but still affects the sentence.

      Also, expect some lyrics from Shock The Monkey (Coal Chamber cover) in the next chapter.
    14. MandarinQuake
      I see that BTVA has finally fixed up the order of character order in Danny Phantom, thanks
    15. HeroicC300
      That's actually the most complicated I could make it.

      And yes, that's exactly what I was going for. Leaning more towards Wheeljack, since Perceptor's a bore.
    16. eagc7
      this also would be the best opportunity to introduce Ultron into my verse. like if Henry Pym heard of the invasion, he decided to built Ultron for any kind of security reasons like if there was another invasion from space or something, but at the end he accidentaly creates a new threat to humanity.
    17. eagc7
      Well just like Phase 2, if i ever make a Phase 4, it would be another Marvel focused Phase, but unlike Phase 2 there would no tf stories nor TF characters on it, cause Phase 3 is a conclusion to the Transformers storyline on my universe. if anything its more likely for the human characters from tf to appear but not the robots.

      in phase 4, if i make it, i would also like to show how the Chicago battle affected everyone. considering most of the marvel characters in my verse never had an experience on Worldwide alien invasion (they're currently suffering this on the comics in age of ultron btw). also if Loki does indeed survive the events of DOTM and if he's redeemed, what he would think of his actions when he was curropted by the Chitauri Staff he took without permission that was on Odin Vault?
    18. QLRformer
      It's okay, I guess, it's an earning. At least we're not always on duty, except when stuff has to be checked (monthly, quarterly or annually).

      How'd your music video go?
    19. Sideways77
      Are you watching the new TMNT?
    20. eagc7
      heres part 1 of the Starscream ep btw

      Transformers Tales of the Fallen: Starscream Part 1 - YouTube
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