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I vawnt my berdt.

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Mar 6, 2015
    1. eagc7
      but Dylan Gould was watching the news and tells Soundwave about this (off-screen). so Decepticons or the humans that who work for Gould are sent to blow the base up. killing many of the Autobots and Soldiers that were on it, only few make it alive. (as a way to get rid of many of the Autobots that i dont want in DOTM, also in a way to kill off the entire new cast of bots from TF4 for rule out even more an adaptation for TF4), after this, Tony gets the news that the base was blown up and many died in there, Tony doesnt know what to do cause this is his fault, due to this nobody from SHIELD, NEST and the Avengers trust Stark because of what he did. Stark then during Phase 3 tries to find a way to make up for his big screw up. but he screws up way more for failling on captuing Loki who had the tesseract, which lead to Shockwave being ressurected, which leads to Sentinel being Found, which leads to you know. because of his ego Stark is not capabable of admitting his mistake.
    2. eagc7
      btw was rewatching Iron Man 3, and i had some ideas for Phase 3, for Tony, besides the Iron Legion army appearing, was thinking why not add some more stuff from Iron Man 3 to Phase 3, so why in Rising Storm, now that the cons are back, Tony is asked if he will do something against them, but Tony have no interest in taking part of a war that is not his, since he worked breifly with NEST in Godzilla, in a What a Idiot moment, he sends a message to the Cons thru the News that they're cowards and should get out and fight like the robots they are meant to be, so in his rant he reveals where is the Autobots NEST base on Diego Garcia, dareing them to fight their old friends, Tony doesnt think anything will go wrong
    3. UltraAlanMagnus
      And if you want more Funny.
      Gifs Photos by Wizardlycurve93 | Photobucket

      Feel free to use these.
    4. eagc7
      in case i do make a Phase 4, what ya think if i add some scenes in Rising Storm and DOTM, in where Loki claims that have been in contact with someone from the beyond of Space thru his staff ever since after his battle with Thor in the Thor stop motion. and that he only joined the cons cause his "masters" sees this as the chance to take over Earth without the need of them nor their army getting their hands dirty and he's here for inform his "masters" when Earth is ready for them.

      then at one of the after credits scenes for DOTM we see that his Masters are real
    5. eagc7
      Transformers: Tales of the Fallen Arcee Part 1 - YouTube
      Transformers: Tales of the Fallen Arcee Part 2 - YouTube
      Transformers Tales of the Fallen Arcee Part 3 - YouTube

      the ep is not done yet, as the girl who did the voice of Blackarachnia, Chromia and Moonracer forgot to record some the lines for Moonracer for the next part and the next 2 episodes
    6. Primewave
      I'm actually a hardcore xbox guy (I do like play station and nintendo) and even now I may or may not get it
    7. Meta777
      Bah, I don't want to wait! I want my robot-vs-monster film NOW! NOOOOOOOOOW!

      Kaiju only want to say hello. Too bad they don't know destroying cities isn't a good way of saying hello :P

      Oh hey look shameless self-promotion :lol;
      Greigio on deviantART
      Greigio on deviantART
    8. Meta777
      Most likely. Dimensional portals filled with monsters under the sea? Roll with it! :lol

      In a world so full of small squashable things, I'm not surprised the Kaiju may get curious about these equally massive opponents. Perhaps a primal respect for a challenger? A hint of intelligence beyond mindless destruction? Or even an inkling of fear, in understand just what humanity can do if pushed to the limit? OOoh, I'm curious! :D
    9. Primewave
      Disappointed by the Xbox One reveal. To make it worse. Microsoft is forcing you to pay a fee to play used games on the Xbox One that is the price of a new game.

      If they don't change that, I'm switching to the PS4 this gen
    10. Meta777
      Ah, true, we'll find out when it comes. Still, I kinda thought it was the flyer 'cause it was smashing Gipsy through buildings that looked like the ones they were previously brawling by.

      Part of me wonders how the hell such a titanic thing is able to get itself airborne, never mind whilst carrying an equally titanic robot. The rest of me tells that part to shut up and LOOK THAT MONSTER IS FLYING THE ROBOT THROUGH BUILDINGS! :bay

      I'm curious about one shot, when the guy is on the Jaeger's shoulder whilst the Kaiju circles them. Maybe that's when the Kaiju catch on that their enemies are actually the mere tools of the very vermin they seek to destroy :D
    11. eagc7
    12. HeroicC300
      Your traditional art section
    13. eagc7
      in my DOTM adaptation, i will be also adding some elements/scenes from the Avengers movie on it, and one of the scenes is the Stark carrying the nuclear bomb to space. however instead of on going to a portal to another place, he will direct it to Cybertron, ya think the bomb should land on the core (which is in the center of Cybertron). so the bomb can cosume Cybertron from the inside. (before the rest of the planet collapses after bee destroys the pillars)
    14. HeroicC300
      Alternate Character Role: Glyph as a Cryptologist who maintains the Autobots ciphers and encryption codes
    15. Meta777
      Gosh, that really is fitting! You should make it, like, an opening statement or tagline or something! :D

      I just love the bit where the Jaeger and the Kaiju are slowly approaching each other, ready for battle, and the robot's dragging this huge ship behind it, and hefts it up and BOSH! Whallops that thing right in the face! I think it's the flying Kaiju it's fighting, cuz it's arms looking kinda folded up like a pterasaur or something.
    16. Meta777
      It is literally the best kind of reactive logic I've ever seen.

      Gigantic monsters from another dimension trying to kill us all? BUILD GIANT ROBOTS AND BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM.
    17. HeroicC300
      Sent you a note on DA. Also, having seen your art, I think that you're perfect for doing fanart of the Prime Predacons.
    18. Meta777
      Tyler! Are you oh-so looking forward to, dun dun dun, Pacific Rim?!

      I've been catching up with it on teh internetz and I gotta say, this is definitely one film I'm gonna make it my business to see! :D
    19. eagc7
      "its been done before" could work :)

      so sup
    20. UltraAlanMagnus
      I Seen your Photobucket & Holy Crap, those are some Great Pictures. And if you Want Funny.

      Funny Pictures Photos by Wizardlycurve93 | Photobucket
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