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Mar 6, 2015
Oct 8, 2009
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I vawnt my berdt.

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Mar 6, 2015
    1. eagc7
      im going to work on them soon,

      and no i have no questiosn right now lol

      anyway you wish they ahd filmied the sidewyas scene jsut Like it looks in the pre-viz shot?
    2. eagc7
      other question do you sidewyas should have survived, or fight before hsi death or at least have talked?

      Do you think barricade should haev been in the film?
    3. eagc7
      Pictures by eagc7 - Photobucket

      and yes, i have them there but, if i dotn uplaod them there then i have no url for the pics then i cant post them here, so i haev to uplaod them there
    4. eagc7
      Oh eys aslo do yo uthink scorponok should ahd mroe screentime in rotf
    5. eagc7
      Random questions
      1. Do you think they should kept arcee original body or you fien with her new rotf body?
      2. Do you thinkj otl should ahev talked?

      Aslo look at my comemtn down there
    6. eagc7
      got to the website photobucket.com and ther you will be able to upload pics, there is where i uplaoded the movei pics
    7. eagc7
      Do yo uplan to make More of these what if ROTF threads or you are doen with them?
    8. eagc7
      Your Request ARE UP!!!
    9. eagc7
      Never mind isnatnbd of making yo uwait til weekend i Decided to TAKE THE PCIS TODAY SO TEHY WILL BE UP TODAY :D
    10. eagc7
      UH?, and ok :)
    11. TylerMirage
      Oh, it appears that you got them then?
    12. eagc7
      Ok, i Will try to work on them In weekend :)
    13. eagc7
      Can you re-send yoru request plz in a pm cuz i forgot which were ur screenshtos requests
    14. eagc7
      well it becuz i type so fast and when i type fast i miss that bottum or soemthing, and i nresult i haev a misplled word, i try to type slow but i start typing fast again
    15. eagc7
      im still worknig on ur tf1 shots, i jsut want to psot some second disc pics first
    16. eagc7
      i dont have blu-ray/hd dvd for get big qualty shtos of teh 3d mdeosl of rotf and some fo the hstos of tf1 sorry...:(
    17. Chopperface
      Bro, you know that there are already screenshots of the first film in the screencapture section of the board's gallery?
    18. DecepticonsRule
      Yeah I got them, thanks very much :D

      I will ask you if I need any opinions. Thanks again for your help.
    19. Tyrannosaur
      Hey no problem :) 'till all are one.
    20. Tyrannosaur
      Welcome to TFW2005 newbie! I am GodzillaFan1993 (Still trying to change my username to that lol) just call me Godzi for short. Nice to see new members here, the site is great.

      Oh and just a tip, if anyone ever gives you problems just use the report button instead of flaming them back. The satisfaction of them getting banned is even greater :D lol

      I also like your rant on Barricade. I really, really hope they bring him in for the third movie. He's such a kick ass character and his design is my favorite of all.
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