Nov 20, 2008
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    1. Blackout32
      I posted about your cat being gone and I am sooooooooooo sorry but if you need a friend I would be their for ya. I lost my baby Tabbie after 13yrs and it still tears me apart when I think about her so I know what you are going through.
    2. deltaprime
      Heh, I guess so! But it's really that rough, huh?
    3. deltaprime
      Gah, I thought I had responded to you but I guess I didn't! Sorry about that...

      Anyways, that actually sounds like it would be pretty cool, just being self employed an all. I wish you the best of luck with all of that!

      As for food service, it's not too bad. Every now and then I'll get an idiot coming in to the store, but for the most part it's pretty fun. Plus, hey, free sandwiches. :D
    4. deltaprime
      What exactly is the job training for? And how's selling going these days?

      I've got a job myself at Subway, but it's a temporary deal until college. At least that's what it looks like for now.
    5. deltaprime
      Tyjos! It's been a while, hasn't it? How's life?
    6. deltaprime
      Aren't you gonna sign in on the new Tribune sight?
    7. deltaprime
      Hey, guess what I just did?
    8. deltaprime
      Looks like we're going back to the way things were, with 1 Tribune, but now it's in the Fanfic section. Oh, and nice job on the Kup and Coby interviews. I like the part with the particle cannon.
    9. deltaprime
      I was thinking about doing pictures with it. Still no response yet.
    10. deltaprime
      I just finished asking the mods about the Tribune. I'm not sure what's going to happen now, but they'll probably take a look at it.
    11. Tyjos
      It's in the Creativity Domain, in the TF Fan Fictions area.

      Oh and feel free to introduce yourself over there [go to the Member's Hang Out, and the Welcoming Committee that's where all new users make their intro post]
    12. deltaprime
      yep, now I found you over there, but you said you posted the Tribune over there. I can't find it.
    13. deltaprime
      What's your username on the other forum?
    14. deltaprime
      Just so you know, my computer's been running slow and being stupid lately, so I'm probably gonna take a break for a while. I'll try to make updates whenever I can though, it's just that my stupid laptop is being so slow.
    15. deltaprime
      All you need to do is start the new thread. If you want to post another interview in there, go right ahead.
    16. deltaprime
      I don't think it would be too much work, and I think it would be nice for the Tribune to get a fresh start. We could also "cover more ground" on the forums too. Trans+Crazy says it sounds good, and I really think it would be a good idea. You can even pick which type of article thread you want.
    17. deltaprime
      I have an idea with the TF Tribune and I wanted your's and Trans+Crazy's opinion on it. What do you think of having three different threads for it? All interviews would be in one, normal articles in another, and special and holiday article thread in another? We could each be in charge of one, and post updates in each other's threads as well. What do you think?
    18. deltaprime
      Wow! How many updates is that in just one day? Pretty impressive. Still have to put my second one up.
    19. deltaprime
      Good to hear! I wanted to do an Energon article, but I had no idea how I'd do it.
    20. deltaprime
      Well, Tyjos, it looks like the Tribune lives on. You can feel free to post your own articles in it if you want.
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