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    1. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Have any luck with Superion?
    2. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127

      I herd you can come up with some great names for fan charecters?

      I have charecter called Blindfire a female Autobot sniper who is tough as nails like Prime Arcee or BW depthcharge but after getting one of her optics shot out by a unamed decepticon she begins to feel her disability but her sense as a sniper continue to improve as she uses sonar to see from that optic. Now she wants revenge on this bot who shot her.

      The bot is a giant burly Decepticon missile launching truck who is very strong and powerful but dull minded (Like BW Scorponok) and arrogant with his abilities. He has no real loyalty to Megatron or Starscream he just like dishing out pain for fun. He has one eye like Shockwave but it's a lot more like Cybertron Dirt Boss and a visor like Onslaught. Also as a unique ability due to his transformation the front launchers form his hands/fists and when he smashes them together he can cause a jolt and shock his enemies from a far distance.

      I need a name for this guy....I've been comtemplating names like Barrage, Broadside, Runation but they've been used as Transformers already. I had other ideas and i just wanted to ask if you think they suit the charecter best?

      Aftershock, Fistfight, Bombarider, Canonnade or Magnitude? If you have better suggestion let me know?

      K thanks.
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