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Apr 12, 2024 at 3:56 AM
    1. DarkPrinceofKaon
      Hi Turnman,

      I just received my Zinnia from BBTS which I have had waiting in a Pile of Loot for a small eternity and discovered... Guess what...? Yeah, no fenders.

      Guess I'm a little late to the game on this. :lol So, I did all the reading through the threads and all signs point to you being are only hope.

      So my question is: Am I too late or can I get in on this. Found the email link through a fellow board member "Zinniafaps" :lol (love that) and sent it out with my address and x 1 request for fenders.

      I'm really hoping that I can be counted amongst your numbers as I truly feel that this figure is visually incomplete without the fender parts. Call it a simple matter of aesthetics, but the fenders complete the look.

      Hope to hear back from you with some intel when you get a chance. I want to also thank you for facilitating this whole thing between you and MMC. By doing this, you have done a huge solid for this TF community and it truly is appreciated!
    2. Turnman
      I really loved taking that pic. So cultural :lol
    3. soymonk
      Talon reading a book... best thing ever.
    4. Turnman
      Lol, just what I wanted to say with that pic lol
    5. Matt Booker
    6. G.I.EDDIE
      Lol...I had forgotten about that...but nah, don't sweat...we're past that now :)

      Though I wouldn't mind (nor do I think would anyone else) if you maybe did a new digi with TFCs official Silverbolt coloring...
    7. G.I.EDDIE
      Any way you could do the Uranos digis again but with the crotch piece lowered into the correct position?
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