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Feb 24, 2021
    1. zalten
      Yes...It was pretty good still moving slow.
    2. CharmedSerenity
    3. CharmedSerenity
      Won't know, never collected the Reboot toys!

      And yeah, my two top favs from my current little collection (going by appearance and articulation) would have to be Vigilante and S.T.R.I.P.E. Wildcat and Hawkgirl aren't that bad though.
    4. CharmedSerenity
    5. CharmedSerenity
      No, waiting for the ones I asked for as X-mas presents before taking photos!

      Current collection (all from the JLU show) would be S.T.R.I.P.E, Vigilante, Hawkgirl, Wildcat, Vixen, Huntress and Zatanna.
      Expecting Question, Shining Knight, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Stargirl, Flash and Wonder Woman in December.
    6. Billzilla
      Ya know, I totally dig Terror Cliff, but I'm more covetous of Jita than I am interested in a third Cliffjumper.
    7. IceMagnus
      Listening to MLP's This Day Aria and taking pics for my comic "The Daily Lives Of The Megatrons"
    8. IceMagnus
    9. IceMagnus
    10. CharmedSerenity
      No, JLU action figures! What was I missing?
    11. CharmedSerenity
      I'm good! Started a new toy collection among other things.
    12. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      I hear you there. New vehicle is the highest priority, but I honestly don't see me spending a lot of money on TF's after the turn of the year. A few here and there, but for the most part, I'm trying to minimize the adding, and do some major subtracting
    13. mrgalvaprime
      I think its to late, Ive already got a huge list of anime i want to watch by the year is out
    14. ILoveDinobot
    15. mrgalvaprime
      I'm slowly turning into an Otaku, someone must save me, or ill be buying bleach merchandise before long
      (The pic from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and it is an awesome show.)
    16. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      That's right :) Well, Transformers, Hot Toys and hopefully a camera. Have to see how generous they are with it. Got the go ahead it's coming next month, but I think I'll probably sell some more items just to be certain on a few MP's. I really wish I could just pick one size class/line to collect and be done with it
    17. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      I hear you there. Twitter is pretty much my go to since I"m always on the move at work. Makes it easier to keep up on things. Our OT is supposed to be starting up again, and I'm ready for it. Lots of stuff coming out I'd like to be able to pick up :)
    18. tformer0607
      if I sell it for that price a big chunk of my investment back with just him :P
    19. tformer0607
      nah I thought I had enough money but it wasnt and the sdcc bruticus set me back 150 dollars aha I am trying to recoupe my loss with this sale of toys hopefully if I dont find a buyer ebay will work aha I know war for cybertron megatron will fetch 30 no doubt :P
    20. FatalT 71
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