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    1. Ezilla82
      I've checked it over yep I did kinda made some spines bigger than other, but you got to know that I'm a pretty quick drawer it takes me one to four days to complete a drawing or when I have to redo something its frustrating and I decided not to redo it. I do understand what you're talking about I know that I need to have patience to draw, but sometimes when I have an idea in my head I throw patience out the window and just do it. So thanks for the advice though.
    2. Ezilla82
      You're right he kinda does look like a pineapple, well the reason is that its not symmetrical as you put it is that I'm drawing it with only one good eye and my right eye is blurry because I have a rare eye condition called Keratoconus or cone-shaped cornea so that's why it looks a little bit off, but I did try my best to pick it even though. That has to count for something, right.
    3. Ezilla82
    4. Ezilla82
      I understand why Superman is a boy scout, but I still dig him to me the DC heroes are so cookie cutter you know and the Marvel heroes have problems and makes them also like the common man in a way. I think Hulk and Superman should've a rematch, but thats not going to happen anytime soon. The best comics I've got are the Future Imperfect from the Hulk and Hulk vs Pitt. Those were pretty damn intense and fun reads. Oh if you seen my version of Abomination he's spikier but I wanted to combine Abomination with Doomsday and it didn't work out but ends up being a spikier more mutated version of Abomination, but I like it what about you.
    5. Ezilla82
      Aw crap I totally forgot the Smart Hulk or the Professor persona. Well actually I'm not a real smart guy, but I'm average so its cool. Hulk is one of my favorite comic book heroes and Superman, both are pretty even in my books but people differ about that idea.
    6. Ezilla82
      Thats a good question well we known Hulk being gray at first then the well-known green and now red, well a bad guy anyway and I since I like blue, I chose that color. You never think a blue-skinned Hulk would be well mellow in nature..I dont think so I wanted my alter ego to have the same abiltities as Ode Greenskins, but with my intelligence similar to the Joe Fixit persona and here it is. So there you go. I know that answer sounds corny, but I think thats the real reason why.
    7. Ezilla82
      Hey man how are ya? I'm cool, dude I've got a link for you to look at. Its a custom figure maded by TonyzCustomz for me. So here you go and enjoy.

      THE BULK (Ezilla82 Hulkified) - Radicons Transformers Customs
    8. Mastergeorge
      Hows zit going trebleshot? (Speaking like insecticons)
    9. Liokaiser
      What's up man!!!!!!
    10. funkatron101
      Hot damn! That's a nice looking badge. I should add more funds to the cause.
    11. funkatron101
      Aren't you a supporter yet? Man...
    12. Foster
      Sweet PP avatar man! Botcon was a blast, we should definitely room together again in the future.
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