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Jun 11, 2023
Jul 5, 2008
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Jun 11, 2023
    1. UnicronFTW
      It's only once every so often that someone can go right out and say exactly what they're thinking. We need balls like those around here more often.
    2. UnicronFTW
      We're all thinking it, im gonna say it. You're a fucking idiot. Ofcouse there is always two sides to every story, oh wise one, but this is hardly the time or place, dip shit. Now go play smart-ass, spouse murdering sympathiser, detective somewhere else. Dumbass.
      Ok mods, ill take that infraction now without a fight...
      Oh and sorry, guard convoy, for getting so distracted over Bryans overwhelming douchebaggery.. Anyway, I am greatly sorry for loss, and may justice be done apon that maggot.
      This is one of the best responses on TFW.
    3. cybertron2006
      I know, man. Sheesh, these mods are getting too control-freaky.

      Makes me wish the Fuzzy World was still open to everyone.
    4. Ace Convoy
    5. Heracles Max
      Heracles Max
      I have always enjoyed seeing Sideswipe and Sunstreaker in action. Would have been nice to see them in the movie. Maybe they will be in the next one.
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