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Dec 29, 2022
    1. Pwsyn

      I just read that you want to sell a large part of your collection. I'm not a big toy collector, but I've always wanted to own one or the other figurine. Therefore my question; Do you have various seekers figures? Or Transformers femme figures? And if so, could you give me a link to your ebay page (i.e. should you sell abroad at all, I'm from Germany)?

      Many greetings

    2. Soundwaver
      I lock the thread because I won't be coming back to read it. Anyway look below.
    3. Soundwaver
    4. MasterZero
      Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat lots of good food, enjoy the company of those you love, and stay out of trouble. Hope you have a great time with food and people you love.

      Hopefully the food and people aren't the same thing, but I don't judge. Celebrate it how you want.
    5. MasterZero
      Happy a nice Halloween! Be safe out there if go out, if not, hope no one bothers you.

      No one being ghosts, trick or treaters, or ghost trick or treaters.
    6. TrueNomadSkies
      lol failure to comply... :rolleyes:

      Also, I totally didn't see your last profile message until now couse you made it on your own page instead of on mine/in the conversation, but don't worry. Star Trek is timeless, and even if you miss a few episodes & don't see em till 20 light years from now (yes, I know its a distance & that a nerd like me should know that so stfu), it'll still fly.
    7. transtrekkie
      Lol, are you reading my mind? I've been watching DS9 a lot lately. Being broke, I pirated it so that I could watch it. Sadly I haven't actually seen the whole thing (I missed a few eps near the end) but hey, I will have by the time I'm done with the current marathon. TNG still remains my favorite Trek, but I do enjoy DS9 as well.
    8. TrueNomadSkies
      I'm sorry to hear that, but as long as you've got the trek stuff, right? Plus, even if you didn't have the stuff you'd still have peace of mind in that DS9 will live forever, and that's really all we need when it boils down.
    9. TrueNomadSkies
      That's a show I'd definitely wanna see, especially in the presence of... female hatchlings. Also in my defense, it didn't sound as creepy when Brooklyn said it, but yeah. Thanks for letting me know about the Starscream, but I'm already getting waspinator, swoop & samurai prowl from another guy (been hunting these fuckers for a while, so I jumped on a guy who had all 3), and I think that's all the animated I'm wanting "for now". The hunt for Cryotek will continue (especially now that I'm not gonna be spelling his name wrong like I have been for a while), and thanks again for being cool about it.

    10. TrueNomadSkies
      Not a problem (worst case you'd ignore me or say no if you still had it right?), and I probably shouldn't be spending any more money on this shit anyways, especially with the Animated shit I'll be buying & with the new MP Prime being slated for retail. Also, +rep for having that shit on DVD couse its really one of the few shows that's worth having somewhere other than youtube. Speaking of which, there any extras on it like actor interviews or anything? I remember someone telling me that there were, but since I'm too lazy to google, I thought I'd ask.
    11. TrueNomadSkies
      Thanks broski.:) Even though I could often relate best to Brooklyn, Hudson was always my favorite as a kid, so I guess it made sense for him to find a way into my avatar now. If you haven't seen that show in a while, you should totally check it out now, even on Youtube.

      Also, it's a shame you don't wanna sell to people in Canadia couse I'd totally nab that Cryotech (blue dragon Megatron) if you did. Not sure where the fuck I'd put it hah, but I'm sure the law of gasses would take care of that like it always has in the past. Like I often say, it's only hoarding when you can't see the floor.
    12. TrueNomadSkies
      Wait, wasn't there something else in your sig before? Like, before the Scourge? Maybe I'm seeing things here, but...
    13. TheDemonDzko
      Heh, yeah. I saw that. Yay Broad descriptions.
    14. TheDemonDzko
      =P Well, i'm pretty sure the mods are going to do their best to let it get paged 2, and then never seen again, as a polite way to tell you not to bring it up.
    15. TheDemonDzko
      -gives ten points for having your "spam" thread actually hold alot of meaning-
    16. twiztidRodimus
      Just checking in, I hope my messages got through
    17. twiztidRodimus
      just wanted to check if you got my message I sent today. Thanks
    18. Falconhood
      He-Man MOTU (Classics) wants in this order
      1!-Count Marzo 20=Definitely
      2-Zodac 20
      3-Battle Armor Skeletor 20
      4-Battle Armor He-Man 20
      5-Adam and Orko 40
    19. Falconhood
      i have one female figure, and i swear her boots(not feet) are on the wrong legs..she looks warped down there.
    20. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Awesome. I would like to get a sig done, by someone more qualified then me :lol, one day.
      I will just have to be content looking at your Scourge boobies!
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