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Aug 24, 2016
Dec 23, 2007
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Aug 24, 2016
    1. Mechafire
      Did you die again?
    2. Mechafire
    3. Mechafire
      Sounds like a plan. Go for it, champ.
    4. Mechafire
      You should spend all that apartment $$$ on a MONSTER GAMING PC instead. Won't be able to use it, but still.
    5. Mechafire
      Pfft, who cares about shit like that. The vidya is more important.
    6. Mechafire
      I was joking... well, kind of. :)

      There's a bunch of good shit coming but probably won't be for a while. Scalebound, Crackdown, Recore, etc. Should probably check back in a while.

      Do let me know about the PS4/Doom thing tho, right now it's looking like I may go Xbone for it if you're not gonna dive in.
    7. Mechafire
      That's hot.

      Also apparently the beta has a bot mode, shit just keeps getting better and better. Go get an Xbone pls kthx.
    8. Mechafire
      I'm personally hoping for a Swarm version of the GIANT WORM.
    9. Mechafire
      My favorite was when they would kill themselves with explosive/fire weapons.

      Or in the case of Judgment, kamikaze charging directly into kryllstorms.
    10. Mechafire
      And sometimes they just stood in one place twirling smokes the entire match. :lol
    11. Mechafire
      But them being dumb as fuck adds to their entertainment factor! :D

      And sometimes they're even BETTER than human players. Like, Gears 2 bots sometimes did shit not even people would be able to do (headshotting you from behind, shooting around corners...)
    12. Mechafire
      Shit like that is why bots should always be an option in games.
    13. Mechafire
      Yup. Mostly stick to solo/co-op these days... and even co-op can get dicey when you're playing with idiots.
    14. Mechafire
      What's weird is I started out doing ok, but then got progressively worse and worse as the match went on. :lol

      I'm just so over PVP shit these days. Last ones I really got invested in were Titanfall and Destiny a little bit. Don't have time for all the MLG superpros anymore.
    15. Mechafire
      Oh and I also played the Doom beta. It was pretty fun, but I got absolutely steamrolled. :D
    16. Mechafire
      Apparently it's slightly less powerful than the Gears 3 version... but watching these beta gameplays, I never would have known. :lol
    17. Mechafire
      Seems a bit shady to me TBH. Hope they're not keeping it out because they know people won't like it.

      Oh, and the Hammerburst is actually a burst-fire weapon again. Which is good, because I always found that version way more satisfying to use.
    18. Mechafire
      Don't really get why they're keeping (but rebalancing) the Retro but dropping the SOS completely. Judgment actually made both of them a lot more balanced and less absurdly overpowered...
    19. Mechafire
      So let's see:

      Beta is actually an alpha, graphics will be updated for full game.

      SOS is gone.

      10 maps at launch, predicted 36 by the end.

      Gridlock is back.

      Retro is back but they (apparently) overhauled it. But it's not in the beta... which makes me raise an eyebrow.
    20. Mechafire
      Oh my god the Retro IS back.

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