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Fighting Cancer RIP 10/31/16

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Mar 30, 2016
    1. moreprimeland
      Hey there yourself, doing okie dokie, and noticed you were very busy, so I didn't bug ya!! I do read the Con threads from time to time so I was keeping up.
      Other than that, how's life and other things treating you? :)
    2. Superquad7
    3. moreprimeland
      TJ!!!!! I guess you have been busy... I look at your thread from time to time and you're getting some cool guests and your comic looks good too! :thumb As for me, kinda had a rough July, but doing better now. :D
    4. Superquad7
      Awesome, and I got the updated pm!
    5. Superquad7
      Hey man, the image you sent me of artwork is pretty tiny. Also, sorry for the delay on my end, as I've been out of town. I hope to talk to you soon and I wish you well!
    6. Superquad7
      Sure thing :thumb
    7. Superquad7
      Was a front page announcement good enough? :D
    8. moreprimeland
      Hey there, hope you're doing well, and you're finished with the move.. Thanks for checking in with me.. I haven't been online much lately
      because I had some water in my basement, which is finished, so I had to
      remove the carpet pads and take some of the carpet out, but it can be saved
      so that's the good news..This flooding here in my area is :crazy:..Folks say they have NEVER seen it soooo bad.. and this would be the old timers I'm talking too;they've lived in Clarksville forever..we're all in a little shock I guess.
      The national news orgs. aren't giving the flooding in Nashville much air time.. but all of middle TN has been flooded..badly.. and Clarksville is just getting ALL the water coming upstream on the Cumberland.. your folks should remember that area.. all of downtown Clarksville is flooded and my neighborhood is an island..but some of my neighbors rec'd tons of water in their basements and upper floors on their we're banding together and helping each other the best we can.. had a big cookout..can't get to the grocery just chipping in all the food we could to make a nice dinner.. it's been hard.. but folks here are just fantastic.. We do live up to the name "VOLUNTEER STATE" ... anyway... I'll ttus..mpl
    9. moreprimeland
      Sorry it took me so long, left myself logged in, but was actually outside cleaning my car up a bit..dusty from all the pollen :eek: that's how things are in TN, but I'll take it, was sooooo tired of being snowy, cold, and nasty.. Yeah spring!
      Sorry to hear things are slow about the con..guess people are just trying to use their time and cash wisely..I know the feeling..can't go to BotCon this year myself :(--but would love to one day.
      Glad the move is going pretty well... don't want to think about having to move all my junk again..but I may--if I ever find another job :thumb
    10. moreprimeland
      Hey there,
      Just wanted to say HI and see how you're doing?? *HI* :D
      How did the move go, or is it still going on??
      .....and how are things going with your Con??
    11. moreprimeland
      Just checked out your thread..this is most excellent :D :rock
      You are really going all out for this convention..and putting in a lot of work from the sound of must be exhausted :D
    12. moreprimeland
      The cat got out, darn I missed it :eek:.. what's happening???
    13. moreprimeland
      aaaahhhhhh, so I have to wait for the big reveal :D Sounds good...
      Sorry, I was on lunch break and had to get back to the grind..cya later :thumb
    14. moreprimeland
      Of course I like the logo, but I must admit I like colors, not just the black ink..but I also know each color will cost, yep, I could live with it..:D
    15. moreprimeland
      I know what you mean, especially if you have other full time jobs to do..whether its school and a job or two jobs as the case may be..Was just looking at your thread and saw some art that was posted..would be pretty cool for everybody..but you can only do so much, I get that :D
    16. moreprimeland
      Excellento!! This is going to turn out to be a pretty nice Con..It's exciting to think there will be one that's kinda close for a change. Sounds like you've got things under control!
      Did you ever get a T-shirt going for this one?? My bad, I can't remember if you did or not.
    17. moreprimeland
      Well, H-e-l-l-o to you too!! How's tricks?? :D
    18. moreprimeland
      That's true, you are right, but sometimes you have to take care of things that just won't wait, no matter how much you'd like to walk away..maybe in the next couple of years, probably not a good time to move anyway..companies aren't relocating employees the way they used to..and I can't just sell everything and move without a know??
    19. moreprimeland
      That's always the positive thing to do, make lemonade :D
      For several years I had a really close friend in Indianapolis, but I've lost touch with her with moving to Mexico then Germany--work related--then back to TN, but that's about the only area I know in Indy..I've never really wanted to live any further north than where I am now..would love to move to the southwest..someday...
    20. moreprimeland
      Cool, that's something I would never have guessed about Transjazz :D
      I'd imagine Clarksville was quite different then..its still mostly military,active and retired, which I'm not, but about 140K people call this area home now..its still a pretty area some open spaces, but growing and getting more people..well it was until the economy tanked, but a couple of new business/factories are relocating here and will bring some jobs with them, we hope..did your parents like living here at the time?? For me, I would really prefer to be south of Nashville instead north of Nashville...but that's because I know lots more people down there..:)
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