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Apr 1, 2024
Feb 28, 2011
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Apr 1, 2024
      Hello I love the Transformers Movies.
    2. primal789
      Awful day what about you bro?I was looking forward to cheer up with a reveal but I guess not.
    3. primal789
      Hey again buddy...
    4. primal789
      You're right man....I just don't know I kept thinking how my life would be in the future like a less than regular boring and lonely life.I don't wanna sound like I care about what the society thinks and all that but really how would it be?
    5. primal789
      I don't know if I have a place in this world know how people are nowadays full of hate but yep I accepted that...or at least started to 'cause I didn't care at all but then it got complicated...I met the most amazing girl I've seen but in the end it appears she just liked me but never had deeper feelings or anythings..of course that messed me up bad as hell but I still had my friends(who are basically 3 people only)Now no one even bothers to send a greeting but of course why would I deserve that?I'm not enough for this generation and never will be.
    6. primal789
      That'll never be the case as you probably know I'm a hardcore Bayformers fan.It's the real life that never gives me a brake...but it doesn't matter..I guess..
    7. primal789
      I would normally be excited you know all these reveals going on and stuff...but now I can' all..
    8. primal789
      primal789's going?
    9. AshleyCuadra
      I wish there was a child for optimus and arcee that has there looks and personality u have Facebook by any chance
    10. AshleyCuadra
      No i hate reboot it would lead to the first film hey do you think that optimus and arcee shows both motherly and fatherly ways in every transformers series
    11. AshleyCuadra
      No it's because you guys didn't see a single reference from the film's and if you want your story for cybertron it's better be war for cybertron/fall of cybertron better story
    12. AshleyCuadra
      NO REBOOT just choose one not the whole thing let's say war for cybertron/fall of cybertron it's better then generation 1 let the kids choose not the old transformers fans
    13. AshleyCuadra
      I saw your comment on the rumors fora transformers animated film I don't agree with out the humans it's gonna be a weak film like beast hunters movie
    14. AshleyCuadra
    15. Awesomus Prime
      Awesomus Prime
      Hahaha. Long story, man. Me and shroobmaster were making fun of a guy. That was ages ago. :lol
    16. tarzAN2003
      Happy Birthday man, I hope it's a good one! :)
    17. BeeOtch217
      You're Avatar's adorable! :lol
    18. SdK
      It is SdKEntertain
    19. Decepticons
      Thanks and thanks for the info!
    20. IronSwipe54
      Yes and no. I used to watch G1 when I was younger but kinda forgot about it later on. I heard there was transformers live action movie coming then I got all excited again. So the first film kind got me sucked back in
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