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I got a PS4 Slim. I still don't have much time, so I haven't done a whole lot with it yet, but I did give Star Wars Battlefront ago. Jan 15, 2017

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    1. CommandoNinja13
      Activision's Deadpool Returns to Steam, But Not Xbox 360 or PS3 - GameSpot

      HOLY SHIT! Could this mean Activiison still has Marvel game rights? That would be so cool! If they do I hope to see MUA 3 or a new Captain America game, or even better an X-Men game. I'll be honest the Deadpool game is a lot of fun gameplay wise but the story is really really really weird, creepy, demented, and messed up. :lol
    2. CommandoNinja13
      Part 3:

      I don't think that's true about the first X-Men, it is Wovlerine based but it's also heavily Rogue based too though. The rest are definetly Wolverine centered though, especially X2 which is obvious. I still like those films a lot though, I really don't have a problem with all the Wolvey stuff. Other X-Men really really deserve their due though

      First Class was an amazing X-Men film. I've been looking for it everywhere on DVD, hell even Blu Ray, I can't find it at all! But it was a good change in pace without all the Wolverine stuff. I'm also pretty sure Apocalypse will be good since it's not going to have much Wolverine. I heard it's more focused on the other X-Men and he will just have a cameo like in First class. Days of Future Past was awesome too. I really don't see how anyone could not like the X-Men films. :lol
    3. CommandoNinja13
      Part 2:

      I also really don't like how the entire MCU seems based around Thanos and the infinity stones either. The only people who seem like they should care about Thanos are Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy and possibly the Inhumans when they come around. I know once he gets the gaunlet and the stones it's a bad day for everyone but the film makers just jam infinity gems in a lot of movies like in Captain America First Avenger where the cosmic cube isn't really the cosmic cube. I also heard things about Ironman's new element in IM2 was infinity gem powered and that's lame because than it's really not a new element. Another thing too is that Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver seem like they have no place in the MCU either, especially since they changed where they are from. I get that they can't have Magneto but they aren't from whatever the hell they are from Romania! That's just my opinions on the MCU though.
    4. CommandoNinja13
      I'm not saying I don't like the Avengers films, I just don't like team ups on film. Gives out kind of a cartoony mood for me and I don't like that. Also it seems like Cap 3 will just be another Avengers film and that sucks. Just name it Avengers: Civil War and make a proper Captain America sequel like The Winter Soldier was. Also if Ant-Man is pretty small time than should he really be in the Civil War movie or even care about the SHR Act? The only people involved with that should be the Avengers only. And another thing it seems like Spider-Man will just be thrown in that film for no reason if those rumors are true. Probably for a Spidey cash bonus.
    5. Transformed
      Pt. 4

      X2 was Bryan Singer's best take on the X-men hands down, but that movie was so full of throw away characters it wasn't even funny. I really dislike how he changed things the f'up. The original 5 X-men were split up and their ages were all over the place. His movies made the X-men incapable of doing anything without the help of Wolverine, which is absolutely $#!+, as they were an effective team well before he came along. I get that he's the most popular one in the group, but to make everyone else dependant on his involvement was utterly bad in my book.

      I hope Apocalypse turns things around, but I'm not going to hold my breath as Bryan is still behind the camera*sigh*
    6. Transformed
      Pt. 3

      I guess you and I disagree about team ups in movies, cause I don't think the X-men have ever worked, save for First Class. All the others were too crowded and very heavily Wolverine centered. First class worked so well because they used a handful of characters and made sure to give everyone their due!

      what didn't you like about the Avengers movies? I think they're great, but they probably do feel a little underwhelming at times, as they're very dependant on films that came before them and ones that are yet to be filmed, but I enjoy much more than I did the comics. Marvel found actors who've owned their characters and these folks make us believe that they are these giants. The X-men never really had this:(
    7. Transformed
      Pt. 2

      Everyone on the planet knows that it was Zod who turned Metropolis into a warzone, he threatened humanity in everyone of its languages, lol. Superman told us that he had been living on our world for 33 years, and not once did he threaten anyone. He has an entire town of people who can attest to his truths, lol. There's also Perry White and Lois lane who were at ground zero to back him up too. They know that it was Superman who fought to save the world from Zod, as does the American military, he gave them the means to destroy Zod's ship, lol. Again, a little more context may be needed here, so I might be jumping the gun a bit.
    8. Transformed
      Even using the worst of the worst in the scenario you presented sounds like a very bad idea. It'd only work, if those being sent are truly remorseful and are ready to repent. If not, you run the risk of them siding with your enemy. They'd only need to make a video telling what you did to end you, but that's not all they'd do. Since they'd be under orders, they'd know your plans and secrets, and they'd be a very giving mood since they were coerced and all.

      This precisely why soldiers defending a country need to be those who are citizens from said country. People who have something to live for will fight tooth and nail for it. This trailer shows us that many of these people aren't those kinds of people, but the opposite.

      I hope a bit more context makes the idea behind this make since cause it sounds pretty idiotic as is:(
    9. CommandoNinja13
      I'm not sure in the movie they have collars but that's how the comics go. They might have chips or something implanted in them for the film. Aside from violating their humans rights, it could be a good idea I guess, allows for the villains to do illegal operations to take out terrorists and put them in harms way instead of regular soldiers.

      I wonder if that could be true, Zod becomes Doomsday from Lex Luthor having a government funded experiment to make a super soldier to get revenge on Superman and annihilate him for some reason perhaps?

      It does seem crowded, I honestly think team ups don't work on film unless it's a film about a specific team like X-Men or F4. I don't think Avengers transitions well to films and I don't think the Justice League will either. I'm not saying they are bad movies, I just don't like the feel of it. I prefer solo and actual teams films then mash ups. Perfect on paper, video games, and cartoons though.
    10. Transformed
      Did they? I couldn't see that. Hmmm. Still, if all you've got is to coercing the best of the worst to do what your best soldier can't, it's time to fly your white flag--things aren't going to end well for you:lol

      I'm curious to see what horrible thing went down that forced CADMUS' hand to do something so dangerously idiotic.

      It's not Suicide Squad related, but I'm surprised that Superman didn't see to the disposal of Zod's body. He should have known that the military would want to play with it to see how Superman is different from us. That seems out of character to me. He made sure the military had no way to track him, so why wouldn't he make sure the military had no way to learn about his genome?:inquisiti

      People at think Zod will become Doom's Day. Never considered that. Weird assumption, but very interesting. I'd rather they just brought Zod back myself.

      I hope the movie isn't too crowded. The trailer looks very crowded!
    11. CommandoNinja13
      Clancy Brown's voice as Lex is exactly what I think of when I hear Lex Luthor, just like Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker.

      I'm pretty sure that woman was Amanda Walker, I can't think of anyone else that she could be. I also think maybe they probably have to think themselves as heroes, I mean they do have explosive (or shock?) collars around their necks and it's not like they have a choice not to save the world.

      Transformers Devastation will be fantastic! I saw the Sideswipe gameplay and I instantly fell in love with it. I can't wait!
    12. Transformed
      Pt. 2

      I can't wait to see a proper video of the trailer so I can see it the way it was intended to be shown--don't want to judge it just yet.

      Transformers Devastation is going to be a day one purchase for me! I was sold with the E3 announcement:lol The more I see of it the more I like it. It's so different from the other incarnations of Transformers games, and I love games with combos in them! The poster showing off Menasor has be super excited!
    13. Transformed
      The movie title only needs "Dawn of Justice," why they made it the subtitle is beyond me:(

      Jesse Eisenberg's voice and speech pattern is one in a million. It's so different from Clancy Brown's, the one I'd imagine many associate to the character to this day. Michael Rosenbaum did alright as Lex, I guess. That series went on for 10 years (IIRC) and no one got replaced. I wasn't into that show, but I'd have to say that even I got used to the idea of him being Lex. Jessie's a good actor, I'm sure he'll win people over in time. The wig on his head (if that isn't in fact is actual hair) probably won't, however:lol

      I don't know how I feel about Suicide Squad. I saw someone's smartphone copy of it online, but it's hard to make anything out--do they think of themselves as heroes? Is the African American woman shown at the beginning Amanda Waller?
    14. CommandoNinja13
      I'm just curious which Batman we get to play as, if its Azrael than that would be amazing his Batsuit is fantastic.
      Edit: If Bruce comes back than that would be great, I wouldn't mind that. A Superman game by Rocksteady would be great!

      I would say the new Lex has the look (aside from the wig, like what the hell? :lol) but his voice doesn't match it. I'm not sure how else to put it besides calling the movie Justice League Beginnings or something or just Dawn of Justice. Suicide Squad looks good, Harley Quinn looks cooler than the Joker to be honest. Will Smith as Deadshot is bad ass.

      In non related DC news, did you see the gameplay from Transformers Devastation? It looks incredible, I'm in love! Pure G1 in my opinion (I know that's what it's suppose to be but it just looks and has that G1 feel like it should.) Gameplay looks solid and fun. I'll definetly have to pick it up in October, I may also pre-order it!
    15. Transformed
      It'll be interesting to see if Bruce does come back, and if he does, I wonder what it is that brings him back. Superman?:p I would love to see how Rocksteady would approach a Superman game. Man, does he need a new game!
    16. Transformed
      I didn't know Suicide Squads trailer was up--I'll have to hunt it down!

      Well, Batman doesn't have to be Bruce Wayne, you know. Robin is a title that was given to three different people. Bruce Wayne retired as Batman at the end of the game, so whoever decides to pick up where he leaves off is "the Batman." Azrael was Batman in the comics after Bane broke Bruces back, so there's that too.
    17. Transformed
      Yeah, I feel the same way about Lex in Dawn of Justice. I really hate the main name used for this movie, as Batman vs Superman sounds cartoonish or comic bookish even. Yeah, I know this is a comic book movie, but the title doesn't work in the movie world, as it sounds like a b-rate movie*sigh*

      Anyway, Lex's "the red capes are coming, the red capes are coming" sounded pretty silly, but if he's trying to pull someones strings while pissing them off, I think he'll succeed in that. I think this Lex will be okay in the end, but I don't think that particular take we saw of him as well as the crappy score used in that trailer helped it much.

      The movie does look pretty good and I look forward to seeing it:)
    18. CommandoNinja13
      Did you see the trailers for Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman? They look like they will be good but I honestly think they are totally fucking up Lex Luthor and Joker. Lex's voice is not menacing whatsoever and is whiny, I can't take him seriously and the Jared Leto Joker looks pretty gay and lame. I'm sure the movies will be good though, I loved Man of Steel. The new Deadpool movies looks weird too and supposly Stan Lee's cameo for that is a Strip Club MC, whatever that means? The new Ghostbusters could be cool but I hate Melissa Mccarthy though. :confused:

      Anyways, I wonder what Batman will we get to play for the Arkham Knight dlc. It said some of the dlc takes place after the game and it says you get to play as Batman. Not a batman but, Batman. I'm hoping for some more Red Hood dlc, that was a really awesome level in my opinion. :eek:
    19. Transformed
      They have the same helmet, man.



      That's no coincident. He may not be both at the same time, but I do think that he may be in transition as he was in the game. He went from wanting to kill Batman to saving him. He even went from being the Arkham Knight, Red Hood (unmasked...sort of) and back to Robin, Batman's ally.

      Red Hood's DLC takes place after the game, but he may not always be Red Hood. The Arkham Knight is no more. He ruined that image when he helped scare people away.
    20. CommandoNinja13
      I'm guessing a Wayne building could of been in Man of Steel, hell I probably pointed it out to my brother because everytime I see Wayne tower in a game, show, or movie, I get all nerdy and shout it out. :lol

      Being two vigilante's seems like a handful, can he be Batman and Red Hood at the same time? I would say it's safe to say he's already connected to Batman as Red Hood especially since he put the Robin symbol on his Red Hood gear and outfit. Could Rocksteady totally blind side us and say Damian Wayne is the new Batman and say he received training from the League of Assassin's and wants to redeem himself from a dark past and was alive this whole time and born years ago without Batman knowing?
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