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I got a PS4 Slim. I still don't have much time, so I haven't done a whole lot with it yet, but I did give Star Wars Battlefront ago. Jan 15, 2017

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Oct 15, 2019 at 1:50 PM
    1. Transformed
      If it's successful, I suppose you expect to see a Pacific Rim game in the near future.
    2. CommandoNinja13
      I picked up the new Godzilla game and it's alright. There is fun to be had with it and the monster selection is amazing. But it's still not great, but better than I expected. The game is slow and clunky which makes some sense but then after awhile it get's boring. I also don't understand why Mechagodzilla is worse than Mechagodzilla 2 if they have a lot of similarities. This game is definetly a rent or a cheap purchase (I paid 20 dollars, not bad), Godzilla: Save the Earth was a million times better and a lot more fun even if it was less realistic. That game let you have beam battles and throw objects around, including buildings! I might return this game though, but I'll try playing it some more tomorrow. Character models are fantastic!
    3. CommandoNinja13
      I looked at some videos of graphics comparisons and next gen only has this problem, PC and last gen look a lot better for ROTDS. Next gen is even missing shadows in certain areas! The models are way too shiny on Xbox One aswell. I guess Edge of Reality didn't port Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark well for next gen because it looks fantastic on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.
    4. CommandoNinja13
      Hey, are you getting Metal Gear Solid 5? Looks pretty kick ass. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions look amazing for old hardware if you ask me. I knew PS3 and 360 still has potential. :cool:

      Also if you haven't played Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark then I highly recommend that you do. A lot of people still play the escalation mode and there are tons of characters to choose from! Another think I wanted to point out is that I got it on PS4 and it is very good on next gen but I honestly believe this game was ment for PS3 and 360. The character models are way too shiny, on next gen, it's god awful! On PS3 they actually had color and looked like the character they are suppose to be. For example bumblebee looks more like silverbee on PS4. I regret getting rid of my PS3 version and I will be getting a PS3 copy back for this reason. But again it's a great game, even on PS4, just the silver coating really bugs me. It's honestly the only "bad" looking PS4 game in my opinion. :lol
    5. CommandoNinja13
      I'll admit I wouldn't pay full price since it doesn't come with more dlc or anything. I just find it cool because it might mean other re-releases like WFC or FOC eventually. :eek: Hopefully High Moon Studios can get back on it's feet and create another Transformers game. All they do now is make Destiny DLC and Call of Duty ports. :(

      Star Wars Battlefront looks incredible! I honestly can't wait for that and the Star Wars classic game bundle for PS4. It wouldn't be a Battlefront game without TPS and offline bots seem to be confirmed so I'd say its a real Battlefront game. The PS4 is just worth it anyways, I love it! Batman Arkham Knight is probably the only real next gen I have but even the other games that had PS3 versions are even better and come with more content! I still would not give up my Xbox 360 or PS3 though, ever. :D
    6. Transformed
      Why are they asking for full price on this re-release? Shouldn't it be half price?

      This port just goes to show you how badly it did. It's a shame too, because now Highmoon Studios has fallen off the radar and isn't in the business of making fun games anymore:(

      I keep watching videos of Star Wars Battlefront and just want a PS4 more:lol Everything about that game looks so sweet. I just realized now that you have the option to toggle between FPS to TPS! I guess the games awesome graphics and perfect capture of Star Wars made me overlook that fact the first few times I watched these game-play videos.
    7. CommandoNinja13
      Well I'm pretty sure Transformers Devastation will be the same on PS3 and the only difference will be the graphics and controller. Either way it looks atonishing. Gamestop is also having the pre-order bonuses on last-gen so that's a very good sign. PS3 and Xbox 360 still have plenty of potential in my opinion!

      Activision Porting Deadpool Game To PS4, Xbox One - News -

      This is pretty cool news. The dlc will be on disc aswell! I'm going to be honest this game is very weird and kind of creepy but look past that and you have a pretty solid fun game. The survival mode is kick ass and is the best part of the game! I'd consider getting it back on PS4 for the survival mode. (I was thinking about it on the Xbox 360 to be honest.) Hopefully they will have a War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron dual pack for next gen soon or the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series or better yet both! :cool:
    8. Transformed
      Yeah, since I only have a PS3. Later on down the road when I do get a PS4, I may upgrade, but that's a discussion for a different time.
    9. CommandoNinja13
      Nice, are you getting it for PS3? I'm definetly getting it on PS4!
    10. Transformed
      I put in my pre-order at, well, it's in my cart anyway:p
    11. CommandoNinja13
      I wonder if the Gamestop pre-order bonuses will be the same? If not than I can't think of any other skins for these characters aside for Prawl or SunStreaker for Sideswipe and maybe Cliffjumper for Bumblebee. If they have SunStreaker as a skin then that would be fantastic, we would have both lamborghini twins in the game! I'm really excited for Goldbug even though he literally is just Bumblebee rebuit.

      I'm glad I'm in the Transformers mood after purchasing Rise of the Dark Spark on PS4. :cool:
    12. Transformed
      I know, right? I want to see the Dark Star Sabre in action.
    13. CommandoNinja13
      Transformers: Devastation - Playstation Preorder Bonuses Revealed - Transformer World 2005 - TFW2005.COM

      As if I wasn't excited enough for this game! Goldbug and Nemesis Prime? Sweetsauce. I think I might pre-order it now.
    14. CommandoNinja13
      I'm starting to really love my PS4 now. Payday 2, GTA 5, and TF: Rise of the Dark Spark are fantastic on this system. :D I thought those games were excellent on PS3 but on PS4 they are pretty mind blowing, especially the new stuff they added in GTA 5. Playstation Plus is worth it aswell, you get a great internet service and you rarely get signed out on PSN on PS4, amazing! The free games I've gotten so far are pretty nice too! It's so quiet compared to the PS3, even when the fan goes full blast if it needs to. :cool: I almost like it as much as the PS2, I say almost because nothing beats that classic console. :eek: If I had to list my consoles from most liked it would be PS2, PS4, Xbox 360 (It has proven to me to be better than PS3 in my opinion.), PS3, Xbox, and then N64. :lol
    15. CommandoNinja13

      In other news I bought Payday 2 on PS4 today and it's amazing. Better than the PS3 version. It has improved graphics, more content, more guns, and more levels. It's a shame I have to start at level 1 though, not a huge problem. I also bought the Captain America for my Xbox 360, can't wait to bash Nazis later! (Yesterday was VJ day though.) :D I was also going to get the Platinum edition of Mafia 2 for my 360 but they didn't have the second disc so I didn't get it. I would still have it on PS3 but it was my brother's copy so he took it when he moved. :(
    16. CommandoNinja13
      Sony Announces Darth Vader PlayStation 4 Console Battlefront And Disney Infinity Bundles - News -

      Wow Super Star Wars, Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter, and Racer Revenge all on PS4? Awesome, I hope these games come out for people who don't want the bundle or people who already own a PS4. Now I regret buying Racer Revenge and Bounty Hunter on PS3 when they are going to have better visuals and trophy support on PS4. :lol Bounty Hunter is one of my all time favorite SW games and to have it on my PS4 would be fantastic! Hopefully they will do the original and PSP Battlefronts next. :cool:
    17. CommandoNinja13

      Holy cow! Marvel games are coming back to Xbox Live! I need to snatch up Spidey Shattered Dimensions, it's actually cheaper than the disc version.

      This also tells Activision has their Marvel License back for sure since it's not just Deadpool coming back, YES! So excited!

      If the Deadpool dlc comes back I might buy it. The Deadpool gameplay is good and the challenge mode was a lot of fun but the story mode was weird. I'd honestly buy it back on Xbox, just for the challenge mode. That digital price for DP is outrageous though, it's 17 used.

      Hopefully Capcom gets their Marvel rights back too, I missed out on some MVC3 dlcs.
    18. CommandoNinja13
      Yeah I have no idea what is up with villains in movies lately, they look either shitty, somewhat lame, or just plain awkward. Prime example is the Joker. I wouldn't say Apocalypse looks THAT bad though LMAO! Ivan Ooze! :lol He looks ok I guess he will probably be taller with CG. After seeing that Joker, I don't think anything will be worse than that. I'll admit though I'm really digging Dr Doom's design for the new movie. Very Ultimate comics looking. The greenish glow and stuff is neat too. I don't know why I just like it. I'd advise watching the new trailer to check his look out! It also seems like people are hating on the F4 movie just to be dicks or something.

      Olivia not too Asian looking? I guess, I thought she looked perfect, I was actually scared she wouldn't look good at all. I don't know how her acting is though, I seriously never heard of her before. Jubilee looks spot on in my opinion. Magneto's new suit looks cool, I prefer the DOTFP one though.
    19. Transformed
      Pt. 2

      Olivia looks better than I expected--can't believe they actually dressed her in a very Psylocke-esque costume, pretty revealing. Still, I think she's the wrong choice for this role. She doesn't look asian enough. I don't care that's she's half-asian. Jim Lee made her look very asian. There were so few asians in comics when he came along, and I think it is for that reason that when he introduced asian characters he made them look very asian so that there was no confusion of their ethnicity. Jubilee looks asian enough, so I wonder why they had to go a different route with Psylocke:(
    20. Transformed
      Apocalypse looks like an updated Ivan Ooze*sigh*

      I guess I've missed a lot in the 20 years (man, has it actually been that long?) I haven't read a comic, but since when did Apocalypse have purple skin? I thought he had a grayish tint to his complexion.

      He's much too small. I don't care if he still has the power to shape shift in the movie or not. His default size should be massive! The first official picture doesn't look all that promising, as he doesn't look opposing at all:(
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