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I got a PS4 Slim. I still don't have much time, so I haven't done a whole lot with it yet, but I did give Star Wars Battlefront ago. Jan 15, 2017

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    1. CommandoNinja13

      I'm currently playing Lego Marvel Avengers and it's great, I liked Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens and the original Lego Marvel a lot better though. My backlog is starting to grow too, I might play Uncharted 4 next but there is so many games to play and so little time.
    2. CommandoNinja13
      I'm doing fine and Happy New Year! I love the PS4 Slim so much, it's a great console and I like it better than my original PS4. I almost went for the Pro but the Slim was on a really good deal. I hope you like Star Wars Battlefront, in my opinion it doesn't live up to the originals but it's still a pretty fun game and immerses you in the Star Wars Universe.
    3. Transformed
      I got a PS4 Slim. I still don't have much time, so I haven't done a whole lot with it yet, but I did give Star Wars Battlefront ago.
    4. Transformed
      Hey, how's it going? Happy New Year, by the way:)
    5. CommandoNinja13
      Hey did you get a PS4 slim or a PS4 pro? I hope you are enjoying your PS4 a lot.
    6. CommandoNinja13
      Continued: It makes the colors more vivid and movement smoother than the original PS4 which is weird since it is suppose to have the same specs. It also came with a whole free year of PS Plus and a free copy of Uncharted 4. So if you have no use for a PS4 Pro I'd recommend the PS4 Slim.
    7. CommandoNinja13
      I traded in my old PS4 for a PS4 Slim this Saturday and it was worth every penny (Well I got a really good deal on it.). It has way faster downloads, hogs less electricity, is a lot quieter, nicer looking (In my opinion at least.), and for some reason makes the graphics a little better.
    8. CommandoNinja13

      I picked up a couple of PS Vita games this week and the PS TV keeps on impressing me, I love the PS3 like quality and I would say it's actually more powerful than the Wii! A few weeks ago I noticed it was set to 1080i and then I set it to 720p and it looks even better now, PSP games look very vibrant and more detailed then ever!

      I was also able to get The Transformers: The Movie aswell.
    9. CommandoNinja13
      I was actually able to get a good PS4 deal last year during the summer with the Batman bundle, hopefully you can get a free game or two when you finally get yours. Also a little heads up the PS4 Slim doesn't have optical out, I'm not sure if you use that but it is something to consider. I would also recommend the new Battlefront now, it keeps getting better and better with each patch.
    10. Transformed
      I'm going to wait at least until the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales before making a move, but I'm keeping an eye on the system:)
    11. CommandoNinja13
      It's either an original, a slim, or a pro lol. The Slim is suppose to be exactly like the older models but only quieter and of course smaller. I really like my PS4, I'm not sure getting a pro is worth the upgrade yet but I guess we will see! I really like the PSTV a lot, Sony has really upped their game since the PS3.
    12. Transformed
      Nice. I can't stop looking at the PS4 Slim on, lol. Must resist, must resist, must resist...
    13. CommandoNinja13
      I just picked up Killzone Mercenary for my PS TV and it's amazing for a handheld game. You would think it was a PS3 game! The controls are great on the dualshock 4 and the bots in botzone are actually pretty good even on easy. Lots of guns and a fair amount of maps, I'm very impressed!
    14. Transformed
      His last show was Wizard. He wanted to watch Gaim at first, but when he saw the strawberries, melons and other fruits, he said he was done, lol.

      He hasn't looked back on this series at all really. He's very much into Iron Man and the whole Avengers thing, so he's getting his fix, and it's much cheaper on my wallet too, lol. The transformation belts and other gadgets cost too damned much to be a child's toy, lol. I have more purchasing power with imported toys than domestic ones...there's something wrong with this picture:confused:
    15. Kilowog
      Ah, that makes sense I guess, what was his last show? Gaim?

      I feel like Drive and Gaim tried to be more broad in terms of the type of audience they were wrtiting for. Ghost too to a certain extent (he gets murdered n the first episode and you see blood) although less so.

      But this... Not going to lie, I'm kind of fascinated to see what the fuck that show is going to be like. It's the fat suit.
    16. Transformed
      LOL! I saw the picture the other day when he and my wife showed it to me--we all had a good laugh.

      To answer your question though, no, he no longer watches Kamen Rider, as it isn't cool for children older than 6 to continue watching it (it's an unwritten rule, lol).

      With the Avengers growing in popularity over here, you'd think Bandai would copy a few ideas. Particularly, increasing their demographic by stop targeting kindergarteners and their stay at home mothers.
    17. Kilowog
    18. CommandoNinja13
      Programming for the controller is very excellent, it's not clunky at all and you can even map camera buttons on the right stick to play PSP games like a Vita or console game. A lot of Vita games do not work (the PS4 controller has a touch screen so I don't see the problem here) but the ones that do basically feel like a PS4 game with PS3ish graphics. The games that work that have touchscreen controllers have the movements mapped either to the PS4 touchscreen or the right stick like a simple quick time event. I'd highly recommend picking one up but if you don't like digital games then I wouldn't recommend it since all PSP games that work are digital only. This is the only time I don't mind digital media but I would prefer if PSP UMDs did work. :thumb
    19. Transformed
      That's cool. Do they have any good programming?
    20. CommandoNinja13
      I purchased a PlayStation TV a few weeks ago and it is actually really neat! Playing PSP and Vita games in full HD on your TV and with a PS4 controller is an amazing experience. The vita memory card was pricey but worth it, I can't wait to check out Killzone Mercenary and Earth Defense Force 2. My favorite PSP games I had are actually playable on this thing and they are Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron and Renegade Squadron and they play very well with twin sticks!
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