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Jan 18, 2020 at 2:57 AM
    1. Sol Fury
      Sol Fury
      Sure thing!
    2. megamus
      Ran by the shop the other day. Nice displays, seriously nice!!!! PM me with you get a chance.
    3. XxGeck0xX
      I have been ok, just always working :(
      For awhile I slowed down on TF's due to money constraints, but I'm starting to get back into it. How are you doing and your store?
    4. BadflipKC
      Sincere congratulations on the shop, that's awesome!
    5. Deceptigtar
      offers sent!
    6. Deceptigtar
      ok cool thanks Tony!
    7. Deceptigtar
      should i just make that offer on ebay then?
    8. Deceptigtar
      so what would be your best offer on the 2 MP cassette sets?
    9. Deceptigtar
      so are they yours? what are your thoughts?
    10. Deceptigtar
      hey did u get my pm?
    11. BadflipKC
      I'm doing great! I have my first weekend off in months, though I still find myself doing the tiniest bit of work today!

      I even made sure I still had the SW pics you sent me, I'm going to be getting to it in the next couple of weeks, so look for some sketches soon!

      Pick up any new figures lately? I finally got all the MP microcassettes, so I could put Soundwave's little 'family' together. ;)

      Hope you're well, see you in just a couple of months!
    12. Insane Galvatron
      Insane Galvatron
      I've been good. Really busy, but good. How about yourself?
    13. Bodhar2000
      Store looks good man, I sure wish I had the space you did. I am really digging the photos of your personal collection. Because of space constraints, I had to focus on just a few TF series.
    14. mykticon
      Doing well, and yourself?
    15. Bodhar2000
      Hey Tony! I am doing well. Heh, I haven't spoken to you in a while. What's new with you?
    16. BadflipKC
      I really like those little guys, you got some good ones!

      I have to push back my commissions to mid-May (you are at the very top of the list!) because of a book I'm working on, after the final art is cleared, that's really been taking up a lot of my time this year. After that is over, I'll be able to return to a regular schedule, and take weekends off, for doing personal work and commissions, etc. So, yes Shcokwave is still happening, and well before Botcon, just a little later that I thought, if that's OK.
    17. BadflipKC
      Still crazy buys, I thought that by now it would be slowed down a bit, but here I am working every weekend for another month. Just wrapping up Beast Hunters #3 cover this morning, and then jumping on to some work for the new Star Wars Black line from Hasbro, then back to a Transformers book project by Wednesday - the fun never stops!

      Yes, I for sure am going to BotCon, I booked the room months ago, and was just waiting for the registration to confirm it.

      I like how that Megatron came out too, I might make a booth banner out of it for BotCon.

      I hope you're well, Tony - see you in just a few months!
    18. McBradders
      Hey duder. Been busy but otherwise good! Got me some of that Geminus goodness going, he is cool. How's yourself? It's been a while!
    19. flip_dude
      Hey. Long time no see!
    20. BadflipKC
      Too busy to even explain, and I'm heading out of town for a couple of cons tomorrow, there should be a post later today with the new Megatron image though, so look out for it!

      Hope you're well, I'll chat more when I get the time!
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