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Jun 1, 2013
Jan 21, 2009
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Jun 1, 2013
    1. Liokaiser
      Last chance, responsed asap or your gone.
    2. tobuttica
      Checking to see if you got the goods that I sent you. I checked the confirmation and it said it was delivered. Should have came in good shape. I packed it well and taped it even better. Lemme know!
    3. tobuttica
      Hey, just wondering if you revised your selling list, and if you were able to get to the post office and if they gave you any money back for their ******edness! I just have to wait until I get paid and I'll be sending you the goods.
    4. Auto Morph
      Auto Morph
      Hey man, just to let you know my collection pics are now up.
    5. unmc2001
      No they are no longer available
    6. tobuttica
      Hey, just checking to see if you got the goods in the mail yet. I was gonna check the confirmation, but it's in my car and I don't want to go outside right now. Thought I'd leave you a message. I sent my sister a package the same day and she got it two days ago, so let me know if you got the goods or when you get them. Thanks!
    7. Superquad7
      Thanks! Many moons ago, I used Alt Mirage as a running gag for a lot of things. :)
    8. setphazertostun
      your box is full...
    9. tobuttica
      I think he told me that he was being grounded until the end of December. I was going to trade with him, but he told me not to since he wouldn't be back on until January. I really don't think he'd douche everyone on purpose, he's a cool guy. Just be a little more patient, I'm sure he'll come through.
    10. brittap
      $7 here, and the item I bought says "shipped" on his list. Maybe the MODs should lock his sale thread.
    11. wolfe
      Yeah i tend to think the negative atm too.
    12. Ethereal
      $15 here. Since it seems to fly in the face of his prior rep, I'm inclined to think something bad/unexpected happened rather than he ran off. Still though, I'm out my money >_<
    13. wolfe
      Tried to mail you a couple times. Let me know when you are back on.
    14. Demonss
      Hey are you still around?
      Haven't heard from you about my items..
    15. godspeed
      Sorry, I'm a newbie...I want to buy the movie 1 ironhide from you.
    16. BlackzaraK
      I will take the vintage terrosaur gun ..please pm for details , for some reason I can't pm anybody right now...
    17. ORIO
      By all means, feel free! :) thanks
    18. ORIO
      I thought I did, but when I searched I couldn't find one. "Shrugs"
    19. ORIO
      He came in the mail today actually! Feedback left! Thanks!
    20. ORIO
      Awesome dude! What email addy did you send it to?
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