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    1. atenciot
      If this box is still monitored, I need to get a replacement foot for bulldozer.
    2. LordMegatronus
      Is there a way to get a replacement waist for TW-C07X constructor perfect edition’s right leg? the three pegs that held it together snapped where the waist and legs connect on the smaller bot, it’s the payloader’s waist I need a replacement for. never transformed to robot always been in combined mode
    3. Metheldis
      Hello. Could I get a replacement parts for TW-M08 WaveBreak not MP Seaspray. His side-opening upper back torso panel tab is broken and the upper torso where the tab hole has cracked. Really appreciate if you could help me with it.

      Thank you in advance.
    4. MrSigma
      Hello there, I need to contact for a replacement part: tw construction cell shaded versions bulldozer, right foot tip detached, i wasn't manipulating it, maybe got some stress mark on the dark green plastic tube inside the joint, I don't know. What I know is that are no easy way to fix it with a screw, 'cause the metal cap on the front won't come out. Can I have a replacement please?
    5. tjdimacali
      Hello! How can I contact you for replacement parts for Toyworld Bulldog? The one I bought is missing a small part (a hole cover). Thanks!
    6. Jersey_Steel
    7. Somechump
      Who can I contact for replacment constructor parts. My set had 1 missing and 1 broken piece.
    8. SataNistar
      hello! I have one Primorion and his pointing finger of his right hand is broken, can you sell me a replacement please?
    9. Jigga
      Hi I'm looking to buy green Constructor G1 head and green leg thigh. Can you sell me a set?
    10. chonosmoon

      I have Toyworld constructor. Shovel when i put him in combined mode, I realized he is missing connector piece to hold his arms to his body.
      Also in combine mode Shovel is very unstable. I'm not sure if it is because of the missing pieces or what.

      Can you please advise on how to fix. I really love this figure. It is shame, that he cannot stand well because of this issue in combine mode.
    11. Tontzar
      I wanted to try and let you guys know that the new ToyWorld - TW-F01 - Knight Orion seems to have unpainted knee pads, when they are supposed to be blue. Thanks.
    12. technicallyartistic
      I was wondering if I could still purchase a replacement part for TW-06 Evila Star? The black train, white space shuttle version. One of the clear red hinge pices broke early on for me. In the space shuttle mode it is the second panel back from the front on the top of the vehicle.
    13. DaddyDreamer
      I bought an Iron Dreg from Actionrobo but the jaw was lower jaw was broken and it's been a few months they have not provided me a replacement can I buy one from you it is just the bottom jaw thank you for your time
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