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    1. omeggy
      Can I post a link to a TF auction from a local online auction house in PA? It is my collection that I wanted to post a link to. Would that be ok to put in the Ebay board?
    2. decepticon2020
      Just a quick question

      What are the max sig dimensions for this forum?
    3. Moy
      Sup Tony.

      Hey in your opinion is gathering petitions from members on here (with your help of course) in efforts to have Hasbro release a Transformers movie art book(never released concept art/3D models etc.) a good move?

      Hasbro owns the rights to transformers so I don't think ILM should be the guys to ask, I'm sure the artists there wouldn't mind the idea.

      This topic has been discussed a lot on and surely you know as well, the issue is wether it's worth the shot.

    4. amproadbuster88
      Oh okay cool! I will. Well I'll PM you in a little while alright, I gotta go for now.
    5. amproadbuster88
      Hey Tony, do you own TFW? I have a question.
    6. Zavien
      Hey buddy how are you, good I hope. I just recently became a supporter cuz I didn't even know about it. I always wanted one of the supporter badges. Anyways I was wondering now if I can use something in my signature. At the bottom of the page where it lists all the options it says upload image for signature and beside it says no. Am I doing something wrong or is there another way to put a pic in my sig? Anyway Thanx man.
    7. tabtiurf
      Rule #8 = awesome!
    8. Secretcode
      is this where i cash in news credits???
    9. Fallout
      hey bro, you're the one who took that sick photo of movie 1 Bee with the new AOE optimus, right?
    10. MV95
      I was wondering if the sticky in the movie forum about keeping spoilers out of thread titles should still be there? It was put there a couple days after Dark of the Moon was released but now that Age of Extinction is getting closer to a release next year, there's been a couple mini spoilers posted in the past month or so. I know a some of the older members have been putting "spoiler" but the newer members haven't because they see the sticky.
      Thanks :)
    11. kevbayer
      Haven't been on the TFW boards in ages. You made any TF:Prime tunes?
    12. Mospeada
      Still listen to your music on my iPod all the time, man. You're a legend. RiD forever.
    13. Selenate Prime1
      Selenate Prime1
      Hello. i am new member here. nice to meet you. :)
    14. Bonekil
      Hi. I'm new here. Nice to meet you.
    15. Super_Megatron
    16. TheDemonDzko
      =P I'm seriously going crazy here. How do I throw money at ya'll so I can change my username?
    17. Kickback
      Get ready to hear this blasting at you this weekend.

      Power Rangers Megaforce - Official Opening Theme 1 (1080p HD) - YouTube
    18. Super_Megatron
    19. Born 2B Alive!
      Born 2B Alive!
      Have you ever considered making a forum for just Transformers The Movie 1986. As of Now I really don't know where you are to post pictures of TFTM 86 posters, toys, promo items, Magazine and Newspaper clippings?
    20. fiire_dragon_88
      Hey I was wondering. Remember back in 04 when you made those brief history tracks of the transformers, through armada anyways. They were called "Identity". Great stuff. Believe it or not I actually still have them on my ipod and enjoy them when they pop up on my shuffle, but unfortunately over time a couple of the tracks have broken, but I don't seem to be able to find somewhere I can re-download them? Is there anywhere I can get those again?
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