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    1. figureguy
      Who do I contact to change a thread title in the BST forums? Thank you.
    2. Conor
      Hey there, i was wondering who to go to for changing my birth date on here
    3. StarMaverick
      It was a pleasure speaking with you today at the NJCC, and thank you for all that you are doing for the community.
      1. Tony_Bacala likes this.
    4. OriginalFire
      I guess I thought I should have gotten a news credit, but perhaps not. People get credits for posting blurry pics lol. Its okay. Its not the end of the world. Next time I will not post Instagram screen shots. I guess I just made a fool of myself. Thats how I feel. I rememer you from Toy Ark and your pretty cool, so I thougth I would message you
    5. OriginalFire
    6. kaszal
    7. Erebus Maximus
      Erebus Maximus
      My account has the wrong birth year. Is there a way I could change it? I would be grateful is I was given assistance.
    8. Greenspan
      Hello! Is there a way to delete my profile entirely? If so, please let me know where I can do so. Thank you!
    9. PolyWraith
      Thanks for your clarifying comments on the NFT news article. I also want to say that I appreciate what you do on this site and I'm sure many, many others would say the same.
      1. Tony_Bacala likes this.
    10. MetalRyde
      Hi. I'm sorry I made the memoriam thread early. Should someone make one for 2022?
    11. Mugenlazlo
      Are you the founder of this website?
      1. Tony_Bacala
        Sep 16, 2021
    12. WEEGEE
      If it weren't for the sig size limit, you could totally fit movie prime with them.
    13. Mike Smith
      Mike Smith
      Tony_ Bacala I have a question: My original account, NEST SOLDIER, is still on this site, however I cannot access it because I do not have the old email or password that I used. Is there a way to merge my accounts, or to get access to it somehow?
    14. Smoking Cons Club
      Smoking Cons Club
      Am I banned or something I mean I keep tryin to create a tread but it says enter a valid message
    15. Fallout
      your sig is so fuckin cool. if we ever get a legends scale transmetal primal, you should absolutely do the scene from the show
      1. Tony_Bacala
        I would love to do that, or a Legends TM Megatron so I can do the blast scene :)
        Sep 20, 2019
    16. metaphorge
      Is it possible to get accountability when staff merge carefully curated threads into multithousand post megathreads where the content of the former is absolutely unusable? This keeps happening in the 3rd party forum with zero notice or indication of who had an axe to grind.
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      2. metaphorge
        I understand some users have something up their nose about products they consider knockoffs, they seem pretty daft and have ignorance of how the law works in China, like many other Americans.
        Aug 15, 2019
      3. Tony_Bacala
        We are reviewing the situation and will let you guys know when done.
        Aug 15, 2019
      4. metaphorge
        Thank you.
        Aug 16, 2019
    17. Cliffjumper
      Could I be a newsie? If no okie dokie
    18. Movie Convoy
      Movie Convoy
      Hi. I would like a screen name change to something related to Optimus Prime's appearance in Transformers 2007 that goes like either "_______ Optimus Prime" or "Optimus Prime _______" so long as it isn't already taken as I still enjoy watching the original Live Action Transformers Trilogy.
    19. BeeOtch217
      Hi. How can I request a merging of accounts or a deletion of an old account?
    20. Shmoptimus Prime
      Shmoptimus Prime
      Hello Tony, I'd like to request a username change now that I'm a supporter but I don't know how to do that can you please help? Thanks!
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