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Aug 23, 2017
Jul 23, 2009
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Aug 23, 2017
    1. rumsawatti
      oh its kewl...u live to learn right? or is it u learn something knew everyday? one or the other...

      That sounds awesome!!! hope it works out okay :D...
    2. rumsawatti
      its kinda like whats good in life right now...cept good? oooor watz up? :D
    3. rumsawatti
      what was good?
    4. rumsawatti
    5. Sculpt-bot
      Hey man! Was your e-mail the one regarding Devcon? I didn't see anything in your PM's about a Grandus custom, just Elita-1 and Skyfire (both of which I would be on board for.) I would recommend picking one project that you really want, and dedicating resources to that. I have a long list of to-do's for commissioners, so I have to have the folks asking me to do projects stay focused and pick an idea they want done. It makes it hard for me as a customizer to focus on your project when I am worried that I am going to dedicate time and resources to something, and then you are possibly going to change your mind on what character you want to do at the drop of a hat. Let's pick the number one character you want done and go with that. I am game for anything!
    6. rumsawatti
    7. Hippie Trooper
      Hippie Trooper
      I saw it this morning, PM sent
    8. rumsawatti
      nope haha i never even heard of any lol...srry bro i dont have...but i got sum friends...ill check wit dem....
    9. rumsawatti
      KEWL!...good for u!...Im dying to find out about this guy...I honestly never heard of him till i met u...HAHA
    10. rumsawatti
      anyone else u lookin for?
    11. rumsawatti
      hmmm...dats odd...ud think that soon as u finished paying it wud be out and in da box...I mean that wasnt exactly a little bit of money...anyhooooo.....dat happens sumtimes...but yea crobots a good guy so no worries ull get him :)
    12. rumsawatti
      good for u buddy!...did u pay him off yet? or u still payin? Let me kno when u get him!!! Ive been okay got like to tfs...A classics prime and a deluxe ROTF swerve...Letly ive been into customizing...anyhoo cant wait to hear more bout dinoking KMU HAHA Laterz!!
    13. rumsawatti
      watz u been?...hope its all good...later!
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