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Nov 16, 2012
Jul 19, 2012
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TNG Prime

TNG Prime IS a title!, 30

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Nov 16, 2012
    1. eagc7
      i simply ignore the haters
    2. TNG Prime
      TNG Prime
      I get so slaggin' pissed off when I see people bash Bay and/or his TF movies. That thread a mod had to close for excessive trolling, flamming, and Bay-slamming made me want to hit somebody.
    3. eagc7
      we will see in some years
    4. TNG Prime
      TNG Prime
      Yup. I hope Bay and the crew can figure out how to use this smaller budget to top the last movie. POTC's fourth movie had a smaller budget and then turned out to be a much weaker movie than the third. I really hope and have faith that TF4 will not turn out that way.
    5. eagc7
      lol i see. me wainting for Summer 2014, NEED. MOAR. TF. FILMS. FOR. SURVIVE
    6. TNG Prime
      TNG Prime
      The sky, the roof, not my highly lacking enjoyment of math. Trying to do some TF stuff. It's not easy. XD
    7. eagc7
    8. TNG Prime
      TNG Prime
      Oh. Well, for the first time, I got nothing. At least it doesn't really matter where they went.
    9. eagc7
      lol i said that the twins appeared in comics set after ROTF, not DOTM. u misread :p
    10. TNG Prime
      TNG Prime
      They were meant to represent the Twins, but they were not used in that manner. The original plan was to have them be the Twins, yes, but the plan that was used did not.

      Yes, the prop thing did happen.

      Rising Storm took place after ROTF. Not after DOTM. Nefarious, I forgot to read. XD
    11. eagc7
      Nefarious and Rising Storm, all take place after the events of the actual movie (the guys at IDW always make sure their sequels/prequel ties with the actual movies and not their adaptations).

      also while the film does not state its the twins, they did had some of the actual movie props in a cars convention or something and it said Mudflap as seen in the film Dark of the Moon, thus meaning that those cars are still meant to represent the twins
    12. TNG Prime
      TNG Prime
      Well, the movie DOTM did not state they were the Twins, nor did it show it. So the press release does not actually contradict the film. Which comic showed the Twins?
    13. eagc7
      Devastator didnt killed the twins, the twins survived ROTF, as shown in the comics, they appear breifly in alt mode on DOTM
    14. TNG Prime
      TNG Prime
      Shockwave was confirmed to have killed Jolt in Rising Storm. Devastator was confirmed in a post-DOTM press release to have killed the Twins.
    15. tm11176
      It is possible that the twins have died when Sentinel was attacking the N.E.S.T base and took the pillars?Becouse we saw the cars in the base with the Autobots.And also,is it possible that Shockwave may have killed Jolt before Optimus and Ratchet arrived at Cernobyl?
    16. TNG Prime
      TNG Prime
      Wow, you and Zorrakh too? Cool. Hey, you should head to COT and join RPG: Transformers Alignment. It's great, but could use more players.
    17. The Bucket Kitten
      The Bucket Kitten
      Nice to see another BZPower member here. (I'm DOTM Shockwave over there)
    18. tm11176
      Maybe the last one is a hatchling because he”s little
    19. TNG Prime
      TNG Prime
      Ah. The Soundwave concept was cool, but I liked his DOTM form better. His concept was...fat.

      The Fallen in an Earth Mode would have been terrible. It would have taken away from the feel of his character. And his face that wasn't a 'Con symbol with purple eyes was scarier than that concept. Still, I've seen all this, and it looked cool.

      As for that last one, I have never seen it in my life. It looks awesome, it could have been in the movies, and who is he?
    20. tm11176
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