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    1. backhawkdown
      How much for the VF-1A?
      1. TJDetweiler13
        330 nzd + shipping :) (paypal fees as well)
        Jul 4, 2019
    2. pumpkingonzo
      Your pictures are fantastic!
      I've just checked them all out. My WOU kit has arrived, I'm excited :)
      Got an MP11 commission Skywarp and Autobot X I really need to finish, then make some time for the new arrival :)
    3. pumpkingonzo
      Yeah, it'll be fantastic to finally finish this set! I've still to open Blackbird and Falcon! It's been hard leaving them in the box, but I've been saving them for the WOU kit. Almost time now :)
    4. pumpkingonzo
      You started my day off wonderfully well with your post about the WOU kit :)
      The whole day stayed a good one.
    5. GinoPuppy
      you're welcome.
    6. GinoPuppy
      My opinion of Bovis and Hex. they have a different feel from each other. I think Hex has a harsher feeling plastic. kinda hard and sharp. whereas Bovis has a softer feel to it. not soft as in weak. more that there aren't sharp edges. Hex's plastic is shiny where bovis has matte plastic. The plastic feels good on both of them. there are some QC issues with bovis, If you've been keeping up. elbow joints are having issues, but do not seem to hinder the strength of the arm. and there is a stress mark at the crotch where the screw is, on the back half. but both issues are being looked into. they will issue replacement arms by request, and will be packaging a new 'butt' with fortis.

      hope this answers you questions
    7. GinoPuppy
      I'll give you my comparison when i get mine in. and yeah, Planetsteelexpress is probably your best provider in NZ. they are also MMC's store. if you order more than $150, which is two figures. you get free shipping. The figures will ship when they are released, with no additional shipping. so you won't need to wait for them all to be in stock to receive them.
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