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Apr 2, 2016
Jan 31, 2008
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Apr 2, 2016
    1. Crystine
      Hi there! :D Lemme know if you wanna do a collab fic/rp based on my Heroic Decepticons universe. ^^
    2. Galvanitro
      Still interested in RPing?
    3. Galvanitro
      Right now we're only allowing new players to add one new character to the roster, so you'll need to pick whether it's Shockwave or Tidal Wave right now.

      In the past we would sometimes suffer from roster in-balance due to character choices, and we're trying to keep that from happening again.

      We'd need to wait until toward the end of Episode 1 or the beginning of Episode 2 before we could add in whichever character you pick. If you end up also playing as one of the ones already on the roster (but available to play as), you can start on them immediately.

      Whomever you decide to add: Which design do you want for them?
    4. Galvanitro
      So what kind of characters do you feel like doing?

      We're kinda trying to avoid older/military humans at the moment; but I'm not sure what you're in the mood for, so yeah, what're you interested in?

      We have several TFs left, or you could add in one of your choice (as long as they aren't "super-massive" at least, haha)
    5. Galvanitro
      Yeah, of course. Sorry, I've been getting a bunch of messages and PMs for people joining.
    6. Galvanitro
      Got your PM, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
    7. Galvanitro
    8. Galvanitro
      Posted a new RP; that I think will work really well. Transformers: The Zephyr Code. You may post when you want with your characters (Terra & Jenna).
    9. Galvanitro
      Also; part of the reason that I didn't want anyone posting yet is because while the Prologue takes place in November; the RP is actually going to start in October. Basically; the whole first section of the RP is a flashback.
    10. Galvanitro
      Hey, Titanic, I understand you are excited; but I haven't given anyone the go yet to post in the RP; plus I think Terra might be introduced a little later (we're not doing every character at once to control the flood of characters since we have so many players)

      So in the beginning, you'll just be doing Jenna; and then a little later Terra will be added on, and then Sideways. Keeps everything managable.

      I have more Prologues to write; and then you can go ahead and start with Jenna (you'll know when, I'll state it in the Prologue)

      Sorry, like I said, just trying to keep things manageable.
    11. Galvanitro
      We've decided to reboot the RP, and move the setting back to Earth, if you're interested in doing it again.

      You may pick up to 3 characters. We're no longer faction-restricted; and if you wanted; you may use up all 3 slots to have a combiner team.

      Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, and the RID Commandos are not available.

      So, Autobot, Decepticon, and Human; you may have three from one; one from each; or any mixture there-in.

      If you do a combiner team; you may also do a human character if you want; as long as the human is opposite alignment.

      (Note: All humans must be OCs; and no TFs may be OCs)
    12. Galvanitro
      I want to apologize for not working on United with you. I didn't realize you had posted! Sorry.
    13. Galvanitro
      Chapter 7 is ready for your review! :)
    14. Galvanitro
      Finally got Chapter 6 out for you to review.
    15. Galvanitro
      United remeeting is set for tomorrow in the afternoon/evening, is that time good for you?
    16. optimegatron
      Hey, Titanic.
      Galv's away for several weeks, and United's on hiatus until he returns.
    17. Galvanitro
      We'd like to have a meeting now, if you guys could join in.
    18. Galvanitro
      Well, 9:30 for you guys (10:30 EST)
    19. Galvanitro
      We've got a meeting for the group set at 10:30 A.M. this morning, in our chat room.
    20. Galvanitro
      Sent you a PM.
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