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Baweepgranaweepninnybong., from Beneath the Loft, London, UK

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Feb 5, 2023 at 1:32 PM
    1. Optimus Goat
      Optimus Goat
      Hello! R0B0_G0D here! Just wanted to say I received the set of six card packs yesterday and they're amazing! Thank you so much! And excuse my coming to you this way - I'm currently locked out of Twitter by a weird authentication bug or I'd have DM'd you there! Hope you're doing well. Thanks again. :)
      1. tikgnat
        No sweat! Glad they arrived safely.
        Sep 9, 2022
    2. Jacob Knight
      Jacob Knight
      Hey Dude, Nice Profile Pic, Which Star Trek Episode Is That?
    3. SideswipeFriend2005
      Hey, I was just wondering what your involvement with the Picard song was. Was watching old youtube only to find your name in the special thanks.
      1. tikgnat
        Ages ago @Jux (also of this site, but he no longer posts) wanted to make the video. He didn't have all the shots needed so he asked for help. Nobody stepped up. I fulfilled his entire needs list by copying all the files off my DVD's (I had all 7 seasons) onto DVD-Rs & sent them all to him in the USA from the UK. Because of the effort I went to I got that lovely credit and a small place in internet history!
        Dec 19, 2019
    4. Venixion
      Would you like to become a member of the Pew-Pew Posse?
    5. chucksbikeorama
      Hi Kit
      Did you get any takers to go halves on the birdies?

      Sam (aka Chucketc)
      1. tikgnat
        I did! I've paid for them so both are 'winging' their way to me a in week or so but if the other fella backs out I'll give you a shout!
        Nov 29, 2017
    6. combaticonsfrvr
      Expertly written story, 10/10
    7. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      You know I was just thinking about your thread about VW's negative views towards "war".
      They caved for Masterpiece Bee, we all know that. But a new Decepticons in TLK turns into a rusty VW van. Seems they changed their mind?
      1. tikgnat
        Maybe? Makes me wonder if VW are actually aware of this, and whether or not it'll set back relations or not with them and Porsche. Makes me wonder if this will basically mean MP Jazz will [i]never[/i] happen...
        Jan 26, 2017
    8. 8bitboy
      Oh dude! Where did you get your Sixshot? Looks so good!
      1. tikgnat
        Yeah, Sixshot is a bit sweet. Best leader in TR so far! What's your location? I'm in the UK and I got mine from Orbital Comics, who regularly import Transformers!

        I have no idea how they do it but they get the newest stuff really early, they were one of the first to to get Walmart TR Brainstorm in stock for instance, which is why I did a review of that too!
        Dec 11, 2016
      2. 8bitboy
        Rats! I'm in Antigua so not likely to get it through them. Maybe they ge theirs direct through China.
        Dec 11, 2016
    9. KA
      1. tikgnat
        Hey man! That's X-Transbots (surprisingly) awesome (aside from his feet) Andrex and Rimjob. Oh soeey, Andras and Rimfire. :redface2:
        Oct 25, 2016
      2. KA
        3p? cool, thx.
        Oct 25, 2016
    10. batfan007
      Sweet base mode pics. Cool to see Utopia in there too, I have not seen his alt modes.
    11. GoLion
      I didn't keep up with the physical necessities to be good at it. I like beer and pizza a tad too much.
    12. GoLion
      I thought you were referring to a post of mine earlier. In high school I used to take MMA classes. I've also used the line that I've fought in couchlamatueryouthdivisioncough MMA as well to pick up a lady. lol. I guess I did delete it before anyone saw it.
    13. GoLion
      lolol. Doing something -for fun- as a teenager is not the same as claiming to do it now. I'm not in the greatest shape right now. lol.
    14. Braddock
      hey, well late on the Tracks, and mixed it amongst the Blurr of the board...hee hee, how do I get one of those calendars please,
    15. ParaChomp
    16. ParaChomp
      Well you predicted correctly, I got banned from the thread.
    17. pumpkingonzo
      Funeral is a big one. Hope it all goes ok mate.
      I remember after my Dad being in shock for months. I still am a little and it's been 6 years now.
      The mixture of emotions you get, be natural with them. It's good to remember in a happy way, sometimes anger/sadness.
      Thinking of you, and take care.
    18. pumpkingonzo
      Sorry to read about your news mate.
    19. agentSAP2006
      If I had the ability to, I would totally photoshop Foxy's kill screen with Soundwave in his place.
    20. agentSAP2006

      This instantly reminded my of your pic of Masterpiece Soundwave.
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