Apr 7, 2011
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Prepare for extermination

    1. buttheaditron
      Hey there, just saw your Scorponok and Fort Max prints. Where did you get them from? They look awesome!
      1. TigerBlade
        Designer is called 'Printformers', he has a FB page, etsy too iirc where the files are
        Mar 19, 2024
      2. buttheaditron
        Thank you :)
        Mar 19, 2024
    2. Teletraan 2
      Teletraan 2
      So about your Pean. First of, I live in Sweden.
      How much do you want for the figure?
    3. danidogma

      I would just like to ask you about your Toyworld Goldbug figure: Is the head included or did you put it on another figure?

      Thank you very much!
    4. Grimusaur
      Think I might bite on MP-49, haven't actually preordered an MP before so what's all this about Amazon Japan and how do I do that?
    5. stinkyshawn
      just how did u do it? those leg extensions on ur feral rex look amazing
    6. Maynardsnow
      Hey tigerblade, i too am curious on how you made your oversize MMC Feral Rex predaking. I have the Jinbao OS MMC feral rex and want to upscale it to match constructor. After seeing the Hastak reveal of their titan predaking it made me feel mine was superior. Just need a height boost.
      1. Maynardsnow
        Looks like you used the thighs that came with Burden and altered them? Any insight on this. Did you 3d print adapters and if so would you be willing to replicate these and sell them? Thanks!
        Feb 23, 2018
    7. G1StyleMPDesign
      Yo tigerblade, how's that Cliffjumper - seen some early prototype reviews but, just curious - he was my fave minibot back in the daze
      1. TigerBlade
        It's not very good. Stand in at best imo.
        Sep 17, 2017
      2. G1StyleMPDesign
        Thanks for the hands on critique- Thats what I was thinking - based on the weight of the legs - looseness of the joints ect - the price went from $80 to $45 pretty quick from China
        Sep 17, 2017
    8. Perkins
      Hello tirgerblade I saw a post you did with a different looking feral rex? is that youres? if so how did you do it thank you
      1. TigerBlade
        It is yep. I basically remade the torso with combiner specific parts similar to Toyworld Devastator to help height and proportions
        Mar 19, 2017
    9. Fallout
      hey man, do you know off the top of your head how long your MP slingshot is in jet mode? and air raid, for that matter?
    10. Destronus
      Hey ,
      Your PMs are full .

      You can still attach the cartoon head but you have to steady go around the head with a scalpel .
      If you don't want the comic head I can try to take the head off and apply the cartoon head on if you want and get back to you
    11. Fallout
      hey, out of morbid curiosity, do you do commissions? if so, how much for an MP superion out of that OS uranos?
    12. Fallout
      i'm eager to see what you do with these guys, mmf
    13. Fallout
      so are you buying that jimbao OS predaking? p
    14. supernova222
      i know, i got my eyes set on the some on ebay. it may cost a lot but i aint losing it without a fight
    15. Underwear
    16. supernova222
      ooooh, the fanstoys looks like the best, and there already up for preorder, gonna have to scrape the money together for that, thanks man :)

      also, where did u get your masterpiece shockwave? they are super rare now, i can only find a few on ebay, and their super expensive.
    17. supernova222
      damn, wish i had those. I have the Perfect effects reflector, they are cool but their size compared to the other masterpiece cons sucks. im going for what u did and trying to get all the g1 season 1 cons together, mostly from masterpeice.

      well , props to u man, they look amazing
    18. supernova222
    19. Markatron
    20. Markatron
      hey what masterpiece mirage and Jazz are you using on your pic?
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