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Aug 22, 2010
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Oct 29, 2019
    1. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Yikes your pm box is full.
      There are plenty of D-Disks at the Toys R Us in Huntington Beach.
    2. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      What's your opinion of GDO Laserbeak?
    3. LegendAntihero
      Hi, TFreview, we met on the Comic Con message boards. I'm Bert Su
    4. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      I would like to ride to Los-Angeles in August... :)
    5. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      It isn't so expensive, like we have in Russia! (or if order from BBTS with express mail)
    6. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Thank you! This is very interesting! If you'll be there again, take a look please :) What about prices? How much is a deluxe class, for example?
    7. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Thanks! And how about comics about Bay-formers? (To order they to Russia is very expensive, I would like to save on shipping :) )
    8. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Something about gift-shop, for example. What can be bought and at what prices?
    9. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Hello! You post many news about TF: the Ride!
      Please, tell me about this a little more :)
    10. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Hey if you see the new Retro Turtles figures at comicon within retail price, think you can pick up a Raphael or Leonardo for me?
    11. thedrknss48
      Glad to hear you got a 4 day badge for SDCC. I only got a badge for sunday. I can get a trade professional badge but you still have to pay for it and I can't afford it. I hope the exclusives don't sell out by Sunday, the only one I'm worried about selling out is the X-Force Marvel Legends. Though, my drive to collect toys is dying so I'm not gonna be too sad.
    12. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      did i send you a friend request or did you send me one?
    13. Sol Fury
      Sol Fury
      Cheers for all the news and pictures of the TF Ride Evac dude!
    14. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      same here might as well. hopefully wave 1.5 is the one that appears in all the other stores.
      Wouldn't mind taking advantage of that toys r us sale though...

      I want Cliffjumper the most along with Bulkhead.
    15. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Arcee and Starscream are out of stock atm...
    16. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Basically I just order what you want combined with my order and you just pay me for your stuff when we figure out a time to meet up.

      If we both ordered 2 transformer prime deluxes, we should qualify for free shipping. Too bad the sale is only in store only, but hey, saves on gas/sanity in the long run. I really really really wish we didn't live in scalp central, that and if Cliffjumper was in stock...
    17. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Wanna do a group order for TF: Prime stuff from Toys R Us with free shipping?
    18. thedrknss48
      Grats on finding G2 Prime! Wish I could afford the upgrade kit, but I'd rather not spend that much haha
    19. TacomaPrime
      I got it from another member from here. not sure where he got it though.
    20. Epsilon
      Interviews with Sean Long and the Cre-O creators?! For the win!!! :D Yeah I know what you mean about wanting to go back for another day, lol I had to resist that temptation though 'cause SDCC is coming up. So you snagged a few awesome sets AND stayed under budget? Thats way impressive!!! way to go!!!! :D
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