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Jun 6, 2024
Feb 18, 2004
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The Spacebridge, 47

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Jun 6, 2024
    1. SeanTF1967
      Hey Spacebridge, I got the Australia release of TFTM on Blu Ray and they are low quality but they have actual deleted scenes
    2. Aptom
      hey buddy, selling large amounts of my collection. most stuff is complete, boxed, well looked after. some stuff misb. selling most main line stuff to pay for my new found love of 3rd party items and also due to house move. have lots of galaxy force, armada, energon,alternators,superlink(jap combiner gift sets) some m.p figs(prime and megs) henkei, loads of movie stuff 1.2. and 3 loads of animated too and a few prime figs.
    3. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      Hey hitch, do you know what those clear and cream color foc soundwave and starscream are? I have some prime commander size toys just like it
    4. soundwave85
      I see your looking to buy transformers collections, I have a list of my small collection I'm gonna be selling very soon, let me know if your interested.
      It has g1, R.I.D, Prime, Beast Wars, Kre-o, Armada, as well as some others
    5. Starfire22
      Thanks for uploading those scenes. I never knew that magnus death scene existed.
    6. Aptom
      hi im looking to downsize my collection and have tons of stuff ranging from masterpieces to armada , do you still buy collections?
    7. Transfan2
      Hope you are doing well/How has your week been?.

    8. flame_convoy
      hi space...
      you are spacebridge on ebay? if yes i'm mau81 the seller of single piece of thundertron XD i'm happy you are here XD
    9. C0urtn33ch405
      I have Hftd Leader Prime, g1 snapdragon, mp skywarp and sons of cybertron crystal classics, if your interested? x
    10. Cal
      Hi TheSpacebride, I don't know if you got my PM because your inbox is full, but I wanted to know which Tesco stores you claim to have found Windcharger in. I plan on doing some hunting tomorrow. Send me a PM, plz. Ta muchly.
    11. C0urtn33ch405
      Dont know if your pm box is full?, so i thought id post here to x make an offer for my full sales thread if you want? If you decide to take them, then if your not to far away, i can even get a friend to bring them down to you? x Thanks x
    12. Born 2B Alive!
      Born 2B Alive!
      I have another question for you... In 1984 or 1985 I went to Universal Studios in California and saw the Transformers show that they had there. When you walked in the gate they were giving away what I believe was the first Transformers poster ever. I lost it many years ago.... I often look on ebay but I can't find anyone that will sell it. Here is a picture of the poster... Alphie posted this pic on this site years ago. Is this the first Transformers poster? Where can I find a reprint or original?
      Damn it.. I can't figure out how to post a pic! It is the one with Optimus Prime standing in the center with his rifle raised with a Decepticon symbol behind him with Cybertron at the top.
    13. Tut-uncommon
      Hi Paul,
      Last time I got to speak with you was at BotCon '05 in Dallas, TX. I really enjoyed your '86 Movie panel on that Sunday--obviously, as it's four years after the fact and I still remember it! I unfortunately missed one you did Saturday on sound effects and other things from the movie, as I was minding my table.
      I'd love to catch up some and ask you a few questions about the things you presented on, and once your new site is up I would love to see it. Please drop me a line when you get a chance. Cheers! --Tut
    14. Superquad7
      Hey man, I was just wondering if you've still got your parts thread going?
    15. Hotspot17
      Hey SB,

      A while back you had a ton of pretender parts up for sale. Saw a bludgeon gun. I know you were trying to get rid of them all in one load but was wondering if you still got the gun or any other pretender parts left. Please let me know.


      P.S. Your PM box is filled! :lol
    16. Erector
      Hey Hitch,

      Just wondering if you're bringing any Japanese G1 to AA this year? On the hunt for Victory Leo especially but anything that piques my interest really, hehe.

      Would've PM'd you, but your inbox is full haha :D
    17. Superquad7
      Hey man, hope everything's going ok with ya! Hopefully, you can sort through your robust pm inbox soon regarding your parts thread! :)
    18. Darkhawk79
      hey man, just curious how things were coming with your webpage....looking forward to seeing what exclusive stuff you have. Thanks
    19. Protoman
      Hey fellow Rodimus fan, welcome to the circle
    20. Born 2B Alive!
      Born 2B Alive!
      Thanks for posting those great pics of your Transformers the movie Vinyl!!!
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