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Apr 22, 2024 at 8:10 PM
    1. GoLion
      Well... it looks like she ended up pissing someone off as she was banned from the site.
    2. theosteve
      Well, in retrospect, I could have made the same point in a slightly less harsh manner. Maybe that went a little too far to respond to someone who is just being a condescending ass.
    3. GoLion
      Fair enough. I guess since I'm hit over the head with it here on such a regular basis I don't see it anymore.
    4. theosteve
      Yeah, I'll call out Split Lip and others when I see it. I noticed it here with Femme, and in particular directed at me, so I stood up to her. She makes some valid points, but she responded to mine only with trying to be a bully, and I don't stand for that.
    5. GoLion
      And the thing is. All the people I mentioned make good, logical points on a daily basis. Each of them are smarter than me on my best day. It still doesn't mean that they're not rude as the day is long. They are. But that's the way it is. Like Split says: "I'm an agile cat".
    6. Kilowog
      More power to you. I hope some skilled customizer wins either my megs or FE OP and does something nice with them.
    7. Kilowog
      I see you bidding on my megs :P
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