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Jun 13, 2020
Jun 18, 2009
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Jun 13, 2020
    1. tfprime32
      And I'm sorry if I offended you in any way!
    2. tfprime32
      What r u talking about what did I said?
    3. tfprime32
      I what ever I said was a joke!
    4. biscuits
      Rabbit is a necessary edition to the deck in at least 2+ Unfortunately people only just realised how good he is and his price has gone from £20 to £50+
      I suppose for casual play 1 would be fine, but anything competitive no.
    5. biscuits
      Not using wind-up hunter so that you have respect from me :lol
      Uh, Magician + Shark = broke shit. Thats all I have to say :D
      Run x3 Factory, Rabbit's really good with factory, have veilers x2 at least. If I think of more I shall say :D
    6. wasp819
      where in the country do you hail from?
      im after cliffy and have a spare wheeljack
      if you live near me, we could meet up tomorrow and trade??
    7. SavageThunder
      I copied what blue death had said and reported it. And I will take most or even part of the blame for it. I don't want you to get banned or anything just cause you were helping.g a younger member out.
    8. SavageThunder
      Alright then. Thank you very much for being much more nice.
    9. SavageThunder
      Hey, uh, thank you for not being as mean as blue death was, when you warned me to stop trying to start a conversation....Thank you for not being as mean as blue death...And this what he had said. And I don't cry much. But this, this definitely made me cry a lot. And by the time that I was done crying, I was trembling badly.

      blue death: "Im done with you. Leave me the hell alone and stop spaming your posts on my wall"
    10. biscuits
      Ebay for harder to get stuff, Greylight for commons and rare's. I also trade :)
    11. biscuits
      Yeah there is every monday, but I have school and it costs me £6 to get there and my mum doesn't like the area it's in :L So I just get to go into the sneaks :D
    12. biscuits
      yeah I prefer to duel in real person as well, but it's kinda hard when the only person I can duel on a regular basis is my brother, and his friend about once a month. None of my friends actually like YGO so I just have to use DN to get some duelling done :)
    13. biscuits
      Do you use Dueling network?
    14. SavageThunder
    15. SavageThunder
      hello! how are you?
    16. biscuits
      This is gonna sound strange, but I never watch TV :p So don't know anything about when Yu-Gi-Oh would be on :lol
    17. SavageThunder
      hello! and how r u?
    18. SavageThunder
    19. SavageThunder
      hello! and how are u today?
    20. seekerblackout
      And wow, 200? I did not realize that. :lol
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