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    1. eagc7
      yes its good, but its up to you if u wanna see it or not.
    2. eagc7

      yes i am, i have seen all pixar films, i've recently seen brave (i saw it twice), hard one as i enjoyed all of their films
    3. eagc7
      cehcking youtube and pixar website, u?
    4. eagc7
    5. kaijuguy19
      Yeah I'm going to get the Flamewar repaint. As for the episodes it's a long list.

      Darkness Rising arc
      Speed Metal
      Sick Mind
      Out of his Head
      Metal Attraction
      Stronger Faster
      One Shall Fall
      One Shall Rise arc


      Loose Cannons
      Nemesis Prime
      Tunnel Vision
      Out of the Past.

      What are yours?
    6. kaijuguy19
      I like how she can be tough yet pretty caring and sympathtic, she has a nice balence of both which I like. And so far I have her FE,RID and Leigon figures so you could say I'm collecting her figures.
    7. kaijuguy19
      I don't know really. Maybe it's because she's the first version of the character that I really came to like. I like her character,design,and overall just fun to watch.
    8. TrueNomadSkies
      No worries. I can read & ask all the questions I want, but the only way for me to actually get to a point where I'm happy with anything will be to practice on crap toys & get comfortable on em before I ruin the stuff I care about.

      Like, I've also got a G1 Ratchethide in front of me that I'm gonna paint up when I get around to it, but there's no way its gonna be my Guinna pig either. Right now, it's got the bot/truck of Ratchet & back/base of Ironhide, and it'll ideally get painted with the Chrysler "Cool Vanilla" to unify shit. Its missing the lightbar, but I stole some parts off of a toy car which oddly enough are exactly the right size so those'll get glued on at some point, and hopefully it won't turn out horribad.
    9. TrueNomadSkies
      If there's ever a cheaper version (aka, a US release that by extension makes it to TRU Canada), I might care a little more, especially if I can get good enough with custom work to paint it black like the G2. I'm actually in the process of getting supplies to fix up my G2 toy right now, as one of the spoiler pieces & both side window parts came from a dead Red Alert.

      ... I should really invest in a small airbrush hah.
    10. TrueNomadSkies
      Those Man-Eater Bugs are sweet, and yeah. I've always had an interest in cars (part of what got me into TFs & Go-Bots really), and its never something that went away. Oddly enough, the 57 Nomad is one of my all around favorites, even though it has nothing to do with my username.
    11. TrueNomadSkies
      They're kind of tied I guess. Like, I've only gotten back into Transformers a little over a year ago & that's where most of my hobby money goes to. I've technically been a TF fan since I was 5 years old, but I haven't been heavily into the shit since I joined this site.

      On the other hand, I've mentally been with Yugioh since LOB dropped, and I've also spent a shitload of money on cards + tonnes of time with game related communities. Mechanically speaking its what I know better than anything else (which is kinda sad considering all of the important things I could've learned instead hah), and I guess its only natural couse I've played a bunch of cardgames before it & will likely never quit it for good.

      Both have positives & negatives, and if you add Photography, cars & wrestling to the mix, its not like I "just" focus on those things anyway.
    12. TrueNomadSkies
      Also, I enjoy that Yugioh thread too couse its kind of like a small window to my other hobby without actually needing to climb all the way through.
    13. TrueNomadSkies
      Yep. Well, techniclly neither of em are zoomed. I just used that to describe the additional zoom like graphic behind the wings of the banner that I didn't use on my sig, but yeah. Just give me a few minutes & I'll give you a PB link.
    14. TrueNomadSkies
      ... but that's beast wars font haha.

      Seriously though, I can save you a PNG without text. Do you want it with the zoom text or without? Like, the big link I gave you has it, but the version I have as my sig doesn't.
    15. TrueNomadSkies
      Yep. I knew I wanted Cyber Harpie in there, and after a quick browse, I came across Breaker & things started falling into place. Beat part is that after I finished it, I realized that I didn't have to make a new signature for TFW & friends, so I kinda kicked two birds with one stone right there. Here's the full version if you care.

      Also, I just saw your post in the cool stuff irl thread. Never knew you took such nice photos :)
    16. TrueNomadSkies
      Thanks broski. :)

      I made it for a website a friend of mine started, and I'm actually surprised at how well it came together with next to no photo editing. Plus, I also got it so that it blends into almost any background, and that fixed the colour matching issues we had.

      Ohhh, ohh, and I'm pretty sure Breaker's in scale with the Harpie too. Close anyway haah.
    17. Starscream600
      Yeah, some tracks can sound like sh*t. But some are simply amazing.
    18. Starscream600
      I'd still continue this job even if I meet people of the same type. But I'll report it to my supervisor the moment I meet such situations.

      So do you like UK Hardcore? Or UK Dubstep for that matter?
    19. Starscream600
      16 or 17 I think. Stupid cu*t. You're from UK right? I play UK Hardcore every Saturday night btw.
    20. Starscream600
      I have a break for this week. I'm playing next saturday night. Hope to get more people on the dance floor.
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