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Oct 23, 2011
    1. honcho
      You better have an awesome time in Tokyo! >:V
    2. honcho
      No prob, I've been reading over the story and such a bunch of times writing things down to show you. I'll be able to give you input perhaps in a day or so :D

      Ever since I was little I've always been big into cartoons and animation in general, so it's something I've always wanted to do. My biggest dream would be getting into Pixar since they're my favorite studio, although I'm not expecting to fresh out of college, maybe in a few years time with experience. :] I adore all forms of animation and would love to do them all, but I'd like to mainly focus in 2-D and 3-D. What about you? :O
    3. honcho
      Thanks for sending all the story info, I'll read it over, check it out, and see what I can do to help. Also, I'd love to do character designs, that's always good fun. Like ya said, if I have any tidbits/questions I'll let you know. C: This'll be a fun project!

      EDIT: D'OH, and it'd be great to have someone else help on a live-action Beast trailer, thanks! After I get better this is something that must be done.
    4. honcho
      Yikes, hope you can straighten everything out, too! I'm still trying to figure out how I can cover housing and crud this year... I doubt I'll be able to get into ANY apartment style housing this quarter, I'm hoping some folks move out by the time Winter quarter begins. I wouldn't mind staying in Turner House again or even Oglethorpe, that was a convenient area to be in anyways.

      Oooh, that sounds like a spiffy plan for Animated, I'm interested! Feel free to bombard me with awesomeness. :D That reminds me, after I get to know Maya better, I want to do a fake live-action trailer for Beast Wars or Beast Machines for fun, haha. Ahhh good times.
    5. honcho
      Ahahaha, awesome, Keri's my best bud! I was hoping to get into Boundary and room with her this quarter but I'm too slow with the bills, fah. That's awesome you know her, I do believe she's mentioned a Sparky before! We all need to hang out sometime when Fall rolls around!
    6. honcho
      Awesome, 'nother Animajor!! I came over because SCAD has one of the best animation courses in the country and I've always wanted to go there. My best friend was the one who convinced me because she goes to SCAD and is majoring in animation as well, so it's all good. :]

      I'm definitely gonna check out your youtube page when I have the chance, I bet it'll be awesome like the rest of your stuff! :) I'm so excited I get to start animation classes at last this upcoming quarter, it's what I've been waiting for. Also, my best friend was in that class because she had to animate that amazingly derfy rex with the hat and teeth! Does Keri Stone sound familiar to you at all?
    7. honcho
      First year, although I transferred over there in January with a bunch of credits from my two previous colleges. I'm majoring in Animation, how about yourself?

      Also, thank you! Your stuff's pretty bangin' as well, love your linework! :cool:
    8. honcho
      I had to stop by and say hello to a fellow SCAD student! :D
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